Security Manager - Israel

Employer: Apple
Location: Herzliya -Israel
Job description
The Security Manager Israel will:
Provide country-wide leadership and direction in all areas of security, loss control, security
best practices and security programs including strategic planning and campus wide collaboration. Collaborate with department heads and external groups to effectively resolve security related issues.
Establish and implement short and long range organizational goals, objectives, strategic plans, policies, standards and operating procedures; monitor and evaluate effectiveness, and effect changes required for improvement that will ensure the highest level of security for Apple Israel staff and assets and the lowest risk of loss and liability to the organization.
Provide country-wide guidance regarding "best practice" business security standards, solutions and guidance to maintain a secure environment for the protection of personnel, property, Prototypes, Black Projects, engineering works and information.
Manage all Apple Physical Security programs and related security services activities in the Apple Israel offices, ensuring:
Full compliance with Global Security standards, policies, directives and procedures.
Manage all aspects of the security process.
Develop and direct the company’s Global Security strategy, and oversee its implementation so as to minimize loss, enhance security and create business opportunity through the control and elimination of risk.
Serve as an internal security consultant for the business units.
Train, supervise and coordinate the activities of the on-site security team.

Key Qualifications

  • Manage On-site Security Team
  • Implementing Security Protocols
  • Creating Emergency Response Plans
  • Conducting Security Reviews and Evaluations
  • Developing Physical Security solutions for the business units.
  • Conducting Investigations
  • Represent Global Security on any relevant project workgroups


Management of On-site Security:
Ensure that all security officers have the appropriate security clearance, are licensed in accordance with Government Regulations and maintain appropriate records.
Manage and provide effective leadership to the security team and ensure that security resources are appropriately and efficiently allocated to key areas of work.
Ensure that security priorities such as Prototypes, Black Projects, transfer of Black Products or transfer of critical infrastructure, are always covered adequately.
Ensure that all aspects of physical security is delivered to all employees within the Apple Global Security Policy.
Ensure that performance and attendance issues are addressed by the security services provider at the correct time.
Ensure that the security provider regularly updates the Security Operations Manual for use by all on site security personnel to cover duties, individual instructions for each post; attendance; use of security equipment; dress standard; training etc.

Security Breaches/Investigations

Act as focal point for any investigations involving security; to prepare and submit reports to Global Security and note any follow up action.
Report any significant security breaches to the EMEIA Global Security Director.
Conduct or assist in any investigations where required.


Ensure that the appropriate level of training is provided to or available for, all security and facility staff on disasters, fire and bomb procedures, emergency evacuation, use of technical equipment and routine security duties.
Ensure that the security team training plans are up to date for all security staff and ensure their knowledge of procedures is tested regularly by the security provider.


Assist Global Security in drawing up the annual security departmental budget and participate in the Financial monthly/quarterly reviews on budget performance.
Effectively manage and control the security budget and provide accurate information to Global Security when required
Prepare business cases in support of large expenditure when required

Additional Requirements

Participate in the role of Incident Manager during any incidents and emergencies.
Ensure that all business recovery/contingency plans and/or procedures are always kept up to date
Be on call on a 24 hours x 7 days basis for any emergencies occurring at any of the Apple Israel offices.
Undertake the security lead role in the Major Incident Team.
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