Security Supervisor - South America, Costa Rica

Employer:APM Terminals B.V
Location:Moin -Costa Rica
Job descriptionActs as a lead for security, including security guards on duty, ensures that the security
policy is followed rigorously by all employees, visitors and vendors.

We Offer

• Value and team-based leadership.
• An open and engaging working environment.
• A wide range of international career opportunities.
• Opportunities for personal and professional growth in a dynamic environment.
• Competitive compensation packages.

Key Responsibilities

• Provides lead direction and instruction to security guards on duty.
• Advises shift crew on current issues affecting the security of the port.
• Prepares shift schedules, monitoring start and leave times, sick leave, annual leave, and reports any absences to the HSS Manager.
• Reports any disciplinary problems to the HSS Manager/HR Manager for appropriate action.
• Conducts routine patrols of the port, checking various security posts during the shift, ensuring guard is at post and assists with any problems that may come up during the shift.
• Advises violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying of prohibited articles, and apprehends or expels persons engaging in suspicious or criminal acts.
• Escorts and/or provides transportation for any injured worker to the port medical centre or to the hospital.
• Assists in the investigation of incidents that involve theft, vandalism, misconduct, or related activities.
• May interact with police and civil defence authorities on various issues at the terminal.
• Coordinates security related issues for visitors to the Port.
• Responds and assists with emergencies that occur on shift as appropriate.
• Provides crowd control during an emergency or other incident where this is required.
• Completes shift report at the end of each shift of duty.
• The position is one which is expected to supervise deliverables on an ongoing operational basis to ensure that security standards are communicated & complied with by all terminal users.
• Normally the position is expected to follow existing procedures & is well defined.

Who we are looking for
• Requires college degree in criminology, or related field.
• Must have an understanding of security procedures for buildings and perimeter security.
• Must have a general understanding of preventative security measures for buildings and port facilities.
• Requires an understanding of emergency response procedures and the ability to carry them out.
• Must be physically fit, meeting rigorous medical standards.
• Must be able to handle heights and enclosed spaces.
• Must be able to work in hot and dusty conditions, and occasionally, conditions of high levels of noise.
• Must have some knowledge in investigative procedures and report-writing.
• Requires the ability to communicate both in English & the local language.
• Requires ability to remain calm, but able to direct others, in times of emergency.
• Requires certification in first aid and CPR.
How To Apply: