Manager, Aviation Security

Employer: Changi
Location: Singapore

Job Description:

You will be responsible to support the Changi East Development Project in aviation security and other project security matters. In order to perform this role well, the officer will have to be familiar with the execution and implementation of the required security functions spelt out in the Airport Security Programme at Changi and Seletar Airports. This includes ensuring compliance with security directives imposed by the appropriate authority, managing security contract, executing security related projects, managing airport pass function and creating security awareness in the airport community.

The appointed officer will need to be familiar with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)’s Security By Design process and guide the project team to obtain all the necessary security implementation and clearance to meet project objectives and timeline. The officer will also be instrumental in providing the Changi East Project Team with security specifications to meet security outcomes, conduct trials and test to validate process needed for future operations. As part of security operations, the officers will also be involved in business continuity planning of security operations in support of the larger airport contingency and business continuity plans, both in project planning and development stage.

In this job portfolio, the officer will need to work and engage the various government organisations, airport agencies, foreign airport authorities and other international organizations; with the aim of meeting Changi East’s project outcomes as well as ensuring that security remains a competitive advantage for Changi Airport.


Have a good understanding of security principles and applications;
Possess knowledge of security issues, principles, practices, and procedures of police science, modern police administration, organisation and operation of security;
Familiarity with airport operations is an advantage.
Security consultancy experience with past records in Security by Design (SBD) projects;
Technical knowledge of security system to provide guidance, inputs and recommendations;
Good project management skill
Possess experience in establishing cooperative working relationships with government officials, employees, other law enforcement agencies, boards, commissions and the general public.
Minimum 5 years of security related functions, including security consultancy experience, with at least 3 years in managerial position.