Overseas Security Adviser

Recruiter: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
Location: Based in London with regular overseas travel , UK

Job description

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is responsible for promoting British interests overseas and provides support to British citizens and businesses throughout the world. Our work focuses on security at home and abroad; promoting British business in a global marketplace; and providing consular support to British nationals overseas.

Ensuring the safety and well being of our staff and assets across the globe is an absolute priority and this role will play an integral part in achieving this. With ongoing unrest and volatility in many regions it’s a complex challenge that demands constant attention, review and the ability to respond quickly to fast-changing situations. You will provide specialist security advice on a range of threats, including espionage, terrorism and crime and your professional expertise will have a significant bearing on government decisions abroad which directly affects the safety of our Embassies and staff overseas. It requires resilience and tenacity and the confidence to arrive at the right decisions in pressurised situations, drawing on your own knowledge and experience and that of your colleagues.

This is a dynamic and fast-paced role that demands a flexible and adaptable approach to different situations. You’ll need to demonstrate a knowledge of espionage, terrorist and violent attack methodologies and how to mitigate against potential threats – in a range of settings. Your practical skills need to be backed up with the intellectual capacity to conduct careful research, assimilate facts quickly, interpret complex issues and deliver detailed and bespoke instructions and advice, demonstrating effective written and oral communications. You will be expected to travel overseas, circa 100 days per year; strong self management and motivation skills are essential. We expect that your career path has included significant periods in the military, police or security services, or that you have held a senior security role within the commercial sector.

This post is only open to British Citizens and Satisfactory Developed Vetting to a high degree is a condition of appointment.

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Closing date: Midday 7 th March 2016.

You will provide specialist security advice on a range of threats, including espionage, terrorism and crime.