European Corporate Security Manager



The role will support Global Corporate processes and systems and apply local program operations and management to deter, detect and mitigate, physical threats and insider threats to Equifax assets – including monitoring and auditing information for insider threat, evaluating personnel security information, producing employee awareness and training materials, interviewing persons of interest, gathering data for centralized analysis, and providing clear metrics-based management information on the program.

The successful candidate will work with centres of excellence such as Legal, HR and Compliance to ensure that any legislative requirements around investigations (e.g. handling of staff or consumer personal data) are met. The role has the opportunity to influence global standards for Equifax on insider threat programes and to present information to executive-level audiences. The role will form part of security incident response processes for Equifax across Europe. This is an individual contributor position.

The essential functions/tasks associated with the role:

Establish and follow existing processes, relevant documentation & training necessary to operationalize the Regional Insider Threat program
Ensure relevant records retention, legal, HR and privacy guidelines are followed & utilised for all activity
Identify, monitor and investigate suspicious activity by employees, contractors or third parties.
Work with management and appropriate law enforcement to take relevant action when insider threats are suspected or confirmed.
Monitor/audit/assess/investigate areas such as internal fraud, theft of intellectual property, intentional theft of sensitive information, espionage or nation/state activity, disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized individuals or group, bribery/corruption, misuse of company information/assets
Manage all aspects of cases according to a standard lifecycle, ensuring final disposition is documented and results are known and evident
Establish employee awareness and training materials, and where necessary assist in specific training
Monitor electronic access controls, alarm and CCTV systems, provide vendor oversight for system additions and maintenance functions.
Respond to emergencies according to defined policies and procedures, conduct physical security assessments and risk assessments of facilities.
Respond to on-going situations for the purpose of preventing or minimizing risk to people and property
Preparing identification badges for employees and train staff on access control procedures

Experience Requirements

Extensive experience in criminal, internal or cyber investigations
Track record investigating criminal, sensitive & confidential matters
Knowledge of global/local criminal statute elements
Ability to effectively communicate findings to senior executives, verbally or in written reports
Track record identifying fraudulent patterns
Experienced in Case Management life cycle
Investigative interview techniques
Development of intelligence sources
Experience with employee onboarding process
Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills
Experience with Investigations triage
Flexible work schedule and ability to travel, internationally, if necessary
Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Spanish language abilities
Understanding of Forensic Analysis tools (FTK, EnCase, Cellebrite)
Previous law enforcement or military investigations/intelligence
Technical knowledge including understanding of databases, operating systems, understanding badge access logs and electronic access control systems, case management systems, programming/scripting & database/data analytics
Bachelors degree in Criminology or similar
Internal audit/insider threat experience
Security Systems/Controls Project Management experience
Experience investigating fraud, bribery & corruption
Incident Response experience
Established network of law enforcement contacts
Experience preparing process and/or standards documentation
One or more of the following qualifications: CPP, PSP, PCI, CFE

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