Security Officer

Employer: Schroders
Location: London

Overview of role

To be responsible for and carry out security duties as directed by the duty shift leader, in order to prevent loss, damage or harm to the company from any unlawful action and protect the company’s staff, plant and property.

Prevent unauthorised access to the company’s premises using CCTV, other systems as available together with observation of personnel movements.

Work under the Shift Leader/Deputy Shift Leader’s instructions maintaining a close liaison at all times.

To ensure the safe keeping of the company’s staff, plant and property. Monitor CCTV and all other security systems.

Apply the rules and regulations relating to entry to company premises, the issue of passes to staff and contractors and to ensure that visitors and contractors are aware of the company’s emergency procedures.

To know the location of and be familiar with the operation of all fire alarm panels. Have knowledge of procedures in the event of a fire or bomb situation and be familiar with the use of fire fighting equipment.

Carry out full patrols of the premises and adjacent areas outside the building. Check all areas for breaches of security, fire and flood risk and take appropriate action.

Submit, as necessary, reports of any incident, event or occurrence. Pass on information both verbally and by written report. Make random checks of passes of staff upon their entering the premises.

Carry out reception duties in a courteous and efficient manner.

Have knowledge of and be capable of carrying out the procedure for downloading digital CCTV images.

Ensuring the safe custody of keys and the issue and return of keys to the key register.

Maintain and record in a proper, legible way relevant documentation as is required.

Assist with the investigation concerning any theft or damage to the company’s premises, liaising with the police as necessary. Maintain a good working relationship with the police and where possible security officers of other buildings.

Keep up to date with trends in the security field and periodically review the company’s security procedures making recommendations for possible improvements.


· Knowledge of digital CCTV systems, access control systems, intruder alarms and security systems generally.
· Good level of written and spoken English.
· Report writing skills.
· Working knowledge of data protection act requirements.