Group Security Manager

Employer: Minimal Risk
Location: Central London
Advertising End Date:28 Oct 2016

Job Description

Minimal Risk is looking for a Group Security Manager to support operations from their Central London location. This position will also involve international travel as required.

The role comprises of the following:


The role of the Group Security Manager is to ensure comprehensive event safety and security measures for our client’s personnel and key collaborative stakeholders during high profile events globally.

The Group Security Manager reports to the Vice President Client Services and operates collaboratively with Chief Finance Officer and other effective management in the business to ensure the safety and security of events and personnel. They will also be responsible for developing and implementing security policies to be adopted by the Board and rolled out throughout the company.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

The routine tasks and responsibilities are as given below, though these may be adjusted from time to time on instruction from the line manager.

· Enhance and further develop a series of security policies to be implemented throughout the our client’s business
· Develop and execute a comprehensive event security plan for our client’s high profile events
· Assess the company’s travel policy and providers to establish appropriate security standards and appropriate crisis management and reporting
· Assess the security of the Group’s offices (23 cities, 14 countries)
· Propose an appropriate minimum security standard to be adopted
· Execute a plan to achieve
· Determine appropriate arrangements for the Group’s South American offices (Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota)

Capabilities & Skills

· Excellent English language skills, oral and written
· Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point)
· Demonstrable experience of conducting security risk assessments, drafting detailed reports and presenting to clients
· Demonstrable experience of working with diverse stakeholders and the capacity to engage at CEO level with tact and diplomacy
· French language skills would be an advantage

Key Competencies

· Professional credibility and the capacity to motivate confidence in colleagues and clients
· The ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make and impact and persuade their intended audience
· The ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and take appropriate action
· The ability to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships with clients, within the company and with external agencies
· The ability to function effectively and remain focused when under pressure and ensure team objectives are met

T&Cs will be discussed with successful applicants who are selected for interview.


Essential Qualifications & Experience

Completion of tertiary education
Minimum 3-5 years’ experience with MI5, MI6, Special Branch or equivalent police background in Special Operations or Anti-Terrorism
Minimum 2 years’ experience within the commercial sector is essential
Comprehensive knowledge of threat to civilian targets is essential
Knowledge of cyber security would be an advantage