UK, Ireland, Holland & Germany Retail Security Coordinator

Employer: Gucci
Location: London

Role Mission

UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden & Germany Retail Security Coordinator supports the Security Manager in all those activities that allow Gucci to avoid all risks of non-competitive & non-conventional type, counteract aggressive initiatives and restores damages resulting from illegal actions, fraudulent activities (also deriving by internal incorrect processes) to support the business.
He/she assesses risks & threats in relation to the ever-changing scenarios in the field: political, social, economic, financial, etc. within a risk environment increasingly globalized and interconnected with a criminal reality increasingly organized.
UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden & Germany Retail Security Coordinator supports the HQ in improving and modifying the approach for procedures and guideline changes for a most actual risk management.
The Security Coordinator will support the Security Manager in investigating losses, thefts and fraud reduction within his/her specific region, conducting internal and external investigations of suspected fraud and damage against Company assets.
He/she develops winning ideas and strategies - aligns the local security plans with corporate strategic objectives according to the changing conditions of the territory, does global risk analysis to prevent incident and crisis.
The Security Coordinator will visit stores and corporate offices in order to support the Security Manager during crisis events according to the company's plans.

Key Accountabilities

Supporting the Security Manager

* Risk analysis for offices and stores
* Emergency Planning & Crisis Management
* People protection
* Loss prevention & asset protection
* Protection of sensitive information
* Crisis Management & Emergency response
* Fraud investigations activity
* Implementation of security procedures and guidelines at a Regional level
* Check each external (internal) security officer before hiring
* Training all needed staff in security & crisis management procedures
* Fulfil all administrative activities concerning the security department
* Supporting Store Planning with security projects
* Supporting events for his area of competence (i.e. VIP visits)
* Working together with local and national law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute crimes (i.e. fraud and theft prevention)
* Work together with internal groups to help the company reduce risk and exposure to theft and fraud (i.e. risk assessing, security breaches identification)
* Collaborate on fraud investigations with counterparts in other organizations (gather information on criminal networks and organized groups)
* Due diligence checks on each external security supplier
* Security budgets for the region, Opex & Capex
* Manage all external security suppliers

Desired Skills and Experience

* SIA Security License, DS or CP
* A clear police record
*Security qualifications
*At least 3 years of relevant experience in Security and Crisis experience in fashion/luxury/ retail business
*Strong ethical behavior - Must have a good behavior, just and lawful, in accordance with professional & company ethics
*Results achievement oriented – He/she pursues objectives respecting deadlines, investing time on priority situations, focusing on the most important tasks and situations that may have greater security impact. He/she follows the pre-established corporate projects, independently manages the security issues (internally and externally), constantly and proactively checking security contingencies and shapes the plans and priorities according to the risk analysis
*Ability to builds local relationships – he/she develops positive relationships with partners, he/she knows people and becomes known as a true professional and courteous person, seeking input from others, encouraging and listening to different points of view and perspectives. He knows the local shareholders (Local Institutions, Police, Embassies and Consulates, Public Security & Emergency) and external agencies that provide global security support
*Strong communication skills – ability to communicate clearly, listen and understand others even in difficult situations, demonstrating self-confidence, self-control and expertise both in routine situations and in emergency situations
*A resolute attitude in pursuing goals. He/she constantly seeks opportunities to learn and improve himself/herself and their team
*Ability to investigate on accidents and crime, losses and risks in order to maximize the recovery of assets, minimize losses and minimize exposure He/she acts as an investigator, in compliance with regulations and local laws for the investigations; he/she promotes and supports the prosecution (in agreement with both his/her manager and Legal Office) and asset recovery, performs investigations to pursue internal fraud, computer crimes, counterfeiting, shrinkages, using different approaches to uncover trends
* Focus on customer and service-oriented attitude, interacting with customers to ensure the correct implementation of policies and safety procedures whilst always meeting internal customers' needs
*Ability to identify problems, collect information and offering innovative and strategic solutions
*Talent management: he/she encourages colleagues to work hard to achieve individual and common goals, acting as a mentor for less experienced staff, searching for the best contribution from the external market

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