Program Manager - Global Intelligence Analyst

Employer:  AS Solution
Location: Reading, England
Salary: £55,000 - £62,000
ID: 6011735


Fluency in the English language. Additional languages a plus
Excellent written & verbal communication skills
Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
Minimum 2 years intelligence analysis experience (corporate experience is preferred)
Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field
Operational familiarity in Western Europe region, preferably with existing network of contacts

Roles and responsibilities:
Intelligence Program Manager will perform the following functions, but are not limited to only the following items listed and/ or could/ will be subject to a broader SOW should this position responsibility increase.
With guidance from Sr. Intelligence Program Manager, plan and implement intelligence reporting processes.
With guidance from Sr. Intelligence Program Manager, receive and process incoming reports and messages.
Develop expertise in order to discern trends and warnings, and provide an accurate understanding of present and future threats to the corporation within a specified region or other scope determined by manager and client.
Whenever possible, provide proactive information to potential threats. In response situations, provide clear outcome scenarios, along with identifiable indicators and triggers, that will support the most preemptive and proportionate operational response.
Provide direct support for regional security operations, event security, executive protection, retail, intelligence needs.
Communicate with various stakeholders regarding intelligence requirements.
Adjust quickly and effectively in response to new corporate partners and intelligence requirements.
Be responsible for analyzing and resolving non-routine problems.
Provide seamless coverage for team counterparts, as directed.
With guidance from Sr. Program Manager, utilize expertise to support the development of improved team strategy and processes.
Initiate, execute and maintain intelligence relationships inside and outside the organization
Ability to interact effectively at all levels of an organization and across diverse cultural and language barriers.
Safeguard and maintain highly sensitive and confidential information regarding the corporation.
Represent corporation in joint task force/government think-tanks, as directed.
Assist in managing purchased open-source resources.
Establish and maintain systematic, cross referenced intelligence records and files. This includes: research sources; relationship networks; non-routine discoveries and lessons-learned; after-action reports from trainings and incident management; organization and maintenance of distribution groups; and other aspects related to organizational knowledge management.
Coordinate and communicate with client support staff and subsidiaries.
Be available on call, as directed (infrequent)
Travel to a regional and international events annually. (<25%)