Security Manager

Employer: BAT
Location:  London

Job purpose 

Deliver continuous, coordinated, comprehensive and business integrated security services at BAT Head Office located at Globe House and Harbour Exchange, London (GH & HEX). Ensure that security threats to personnel, assets and information are identified, evaluated and managed effectively and efficiently. Coordinate and facilitate compliance with the Business Continuity Management Standard by GH (Globe House) & HEX (Harbour Exchange) based corporate functions and entities. Provide security research, analysis and project support to the Central Security Team.


o Conduct security threat and risk assessments and, in consultation with Group Security, deploy appropriate mitigation measures to manage identified security risks to GH & HEX based corporate functions and entities.
o Continuously review, implement and maintain effective security policies, procedures and practices at GH & HEX to ensure the security and protection of personnel, assets and information appropriate to the threat environment.
o Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of effective access control and security processes at GH & HEX.
o Provide security research, analysis and project support to the Central Security Team.
o Plan and conduct security investigations and review security breaches at GH & HEX as directed.
o Coordinate the provision to GH & HEX based corporate functions and entities of security advice and support for external events.
o Support the UK Corporate and BCM Security Manager in the provision of security related technical advice to new projects or other business initiatives at GH & HEX.
o Manage contracted security services and resources at GH & HEX and review, evaluate and monitor performance and effectiveness.
o Assist with tracking the Group Security Budget.
Engage closely with functions and entities in GH & HEX and provide timely advice to ensure BCM compliance and coordinate and facilitate the completion of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and effective Business Continuity Plans (BCP).
o Support the development and conduct of associated BCM training and awareness programmes and facilitate testing and exercising of BCPs at GH & HEX.
o Manage the database of GH & HEX BCPs and monitor BCM status.
o Follow up and coordinate remedial action required at GH & HEX following incidents and exercises.
o Provide support to the GH & HEX crisis management process.
Provide direction to the contracted security services manager at GH.
o Ensure that contracted security personnel deployed at GH & HEX are appropriately trained for their assigned responsibilities and are in possession of relevant licencing as required by law.
o Act as first point of contact for all GH & HEX security related issues and provide direction to the deployed contract security teams in managing incidents.
o Provide input to the Security Risk Management (SRM) process at GH & HEX in accordance with the SRM Manual.
o Monitor the security environment and take proactive measures to minimise the impact of assessed increased risks to BAT corporate entities at GH & HEX.
o Ensure that effective security procedures are established and followed by the GH Document Centre.
o Coordinate security awareness induction for new joiners and refresher programmes for existing employees at GH & HEX.
o Carry out regular security reviews to ensure that security measures in place at GH & HEX are commensurate with the prevailing threat environment.
o Monitor the effectiveness of security technology installed at GH & HEX.
o Ensure implementation of the Group Information Security Standard by GH & HEX based entities.

o Reporting to the Senior Security manager, Global Planning work with the UK Corporate and BCM Security Manager to build an effective internal network.
o Proactively communicate with and deliver security services to all at GH & HEX based BAT corporate entities and functions to assist in achieving their business objectives.
o Maintain close working relationships with UK Human Resources, Audit, Risk and IT Security to ensure consistency of approach with regard to security.
o Work with internal stakeholders with a view to ensuring that security is integrated into the business and considered at the outset of projects and new business activities.
o Establish effective liaison with relevant London based external stakeholders especially law enforcement organizations and other government agencies to obtain practical and material security assistance and support to the business.
o Maintain close contact with security professionals from the security industry to ensure awareness of and adherence to industry best practice.

o Develop capacity to effectively deploy security resources to meet changing security threats and risks.
o Benchmark BAT Head Office security processes against other London based companies.
o Regularly review the security training delivered to contract security services personnel and the front of house reception team at GH & HEX and coordinate additional training as required.
o Identify and exploit developments in security technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency of deployed security systems in a cost effective way.
Essential requirements o Knowledge and experience of security management and Business Continuity Management.
o Experience in dealing with information and intelligence, interpreting security threats and risks and management of investigations.
o Possess clear, concise and well-structured written and verbal communication skills.
o Strong leadership, management and delegation skills. Sound judgment, decision making, analytical and organisational skills.
o Open minded attitude capable of seeking opportunities for innovation and increased efficiency.
o Ability to develop a network of key stakeholders including law enforcement and security service providers in London.
o Strong capability in the use of IT tools for security management and research.
o Excellent interpersonal skills.

Key Success Factors
o Uses the BAT security risk management methodology effectively.
o Effectively oversees and directs the GH & HEX contracted security services to optimise capability.
o Conducts effective liaison with internal and external stakeholders.
o Demonstrates knowledge of security threats and the risk environment and communicates effective security recommendations to GH & HEX based functions and entities.
o Ensures the highest standards of conduct and professionalism are delivered during investigations and in the protection of personnel, assets and information.
Desirable requirements
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Employing company British-American Tobacco (Holdings) Ltd
Removal Date 30-Nov-2016

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