Dubai police drive 700-hp Lamborghini Aventador, because a Taurus doesn’t cut it

Dubai remains a city known for its wealth; built off the back of the oil industry, it now flourishes in tourism, real estate, and financial services. All that cash floating around evidently means one thing: lawbreakers drive highly expensive, fast cars. So, in response, the Dubai Police Department added an even faster car to its fleet – a 700-hp Lamborghini Aventador.
News surfaced of the acquirement on Twitter, with tweets stating “Only in Dubai” and “Officer, please cuff me in the Aventador and throw away the keys.” Additional sports cars are set to join the fleet too, with machines being designed according to police specifications in an effort to “facilitate policing on highways.”

Here in the U.S., we now focus on fuel efficiency from our cop cars rather than brute strength; philosophies between the two countries couldn’t differ more wildly. A recent study of several Ontario, Canada based police departments found the “average police car spends two-thirds of a 10-hour shift idling.” That translates to more than six gallons of fuel wasted over two shifts each day. Imagine how much fuel the Aventador will burn. Dubai has been burning through oil quickly enough as it is.

No word on which lucky Dubai cop gets to pilot the beastly machine, nor if they require special driver training. One thing's for sure, if we introduced a 217 mph Lamborghini into the U.S. police fleets, applications to become a cop would be at an all-time high.

By Alex Lloyd | Motoramic
Source: Yahoo News