Security Supervisor

Employer: Ramada 
Location: Dubai
Closes: 25 June 2016

Security  Responsibilities

Perform services to assure the safety and protection of the property and personnel against injury or death, molestation, harassment or intimidation and loss or damage from any preventable cause including fire, theft, embezzlement, damage or destruction, trespass, espionage, or sabotage.
Establish and install key controls on departmental communication equipment and property access.
Evaluate incidents and determine course of action.
Discover source of security breach.
Install safety alarms around the hotel building and perimeter.
Report and track all incidents.
Maintain an emergency training programe.
Patrol building and ward off intruders.
Supervise parking procedures.
Supply security for events.
Monitor and support security-related processing for cleared staff.
Set up video surveillance.
Institute and oversee site key and safe combination management plans.
Prepare and conduct information security training.
Develop physical security responses.
Manage processes for protecting classified, proprietary, and sensitive information.
Install access control devices.