Supply chain & Transportation Security Manager

Employer: Amazon
Location UK-Virtual Location - UK

We are looking for a Supply chain loss prevention manager to join our European team
The role is field-based in our sort centers and can be based anywhere in the UK

Job Description

Overview: Responsible for implementation risk-based security standards specific to each use case of the Amazon Logistics and Supply chain scenarios in EU, and the methods for maintaining and improving those standards. This includes implementing the processes and specifications for transportation and logistics service providers -own and third parties- to ensure that they operate in compliance with those standards.

In addition, the job holder will support investigation activities concerning losses and other incidents within Amazon’s Supply chain and Logistics; conduct due diligence and audits to assess the Supply Chain Security of potential or existing business partners and vendors in the areas of transportation, storage, logistics and distribution of Amazon products; and define and implement regional Supply Chain Security strategies for education and awareness across the organization.

Provide guidance and support for Security and Loss Prevention teams; supply chain, logistics and transportation operations and coordination groups, and other stakeholders with the Amazon organization.
Deploy and implement risk assessment methodologies specifically cut to address current and foreseeable risks within the logistics and SC environments, scenarios and use cases; methods to identify and implement the security strategies for transported goods and SC itineraries within the region, in accordance with risks assessment; and conducting security due diligence assessments on potential business partners such as wholesalers, third party logistics, carriers, and other business-critical functions regionally.
Implement key liaison contacts in industry, law enforcement, government and regulatory agencies to maintain awareness of and provide tactical response to upcoming legislation, industry trends, external risks and new technologies related to SCS.
Ensure compliance to internal standards by means of supporting the Global Security Risk Compliance Audit team in defining the requirements for Logistics & SC Security; collaborate and provide expertise in conducting internal security audits; partner with appropriate stakeholders to implement effective audit programs to detect, prevent and resolve SC losses; implement and provide guidance for conducting audits to assess the Logistics & SC Security of business partners, vendors, third party logistics providers, and carriers in the areas of transportation, sortation, and delivery distribution; and follow up on definition and implementation of corrective action plans.
Implement internal business stakeholder support in order to promote security as added value and business differentiator; provide direct input to the relevant internal stakeholders and operational teams on high risk new business initiatives within the logistics and supply chain environment; partner with appropriate internal stakeholders to provide security input regarding the selection of third party logistics and supply chain providers; implement key collaborations with regional stakeholders to implement consistent standards, programs, assessments and procedures for the supply chain with careful consideration for implementing and maintaining relationships with affiliate management and international partners.
Contribute with expertise for the implementation of Logistics & SC Security awareness campaigns for general sensitization of personnel, and specific training packages for S&LP personnel, including, inter alia, threat and risk assessment, risk management, loss prevention, intelligence and MO’s, incident management, and investigations.
Contribute to reduce business losses on security incidents and related claims by identifying and understanding vulnerabilities, MO’s, and implementation the appropriate means and measures to protect transported assets in the Logistics & SC environments. Direct involvement in complex investigations at a high level. If required also act as the lead interface for wholesalers and third party providers. Implement strategies and programs which prevent theft, diversion and losses from the supply chain in partnership with internal and external stakeholders.

Basic Qualifications
Experience within the European logistics, supply chain and transportation security preferably also express and last mile experience.
Exposure to container logistics
Fluency in English required, both oral and written
Ability to interact with all levels of leadership within the organization to drive consensus regarding new policies and procedures;
Willing to travel, domestic and international, including extended overnight trips.

Preferred Qualifications
Experience in multi-site/country environment managing security and LP in SC, logistics, transportation;
Solid experience in commercial supply chain networks from environments such as, but not limited to, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, tobacco or consumer electronics;
Completed Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Business, Criminal Justice or an equivalent) from an accredited university, or 2+ years’ Amazon experience in relevant business area(s);
Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation will be noted as a plus;
Sound knowledge of SCS industry standards required (e.g. TAPA, ISO, AEO, C-TPAT);
Interviewing and Interrogation experience desired, and Wicklander and Zulawski certification is a plus;
Familiar with Lean and Six Sigma methods is desired. Certification is a plus;
Experience managing SC Operations is advantageous but not essential;
Other additional languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, will be noted as a plus;
Functional knowledge in developing, implementing, maintaining, and managing security policies and procedures; conducted physical security risk assessments of facilities including manufacturing, distribution, trade, and office.