Executive Protection Specialist 3

Employer: Boeing
Location : Chicago, IL
Position Description 
Provides close protection and facilitation services to senior executives comprising Boeing's Executive Council and Board of Directors. Provides same for other designated executives as directed. Collects protective intelligence, analyzes data, develops processes, and conducts analysis to mitigate risk and treat to protectees.
Initiates actions to protect personnel, information and property. May act as team leader to coordinate and execute security activities for routine events and travel. Responds to, assesses and takes appropriate actions during emergency situations. Coordinates logistical support for executive events and travel. Interprets data and communicates intent in the written and verbal form from management and executive levels. Utilizes lethal and non-lethal force applications applicable to the situation. Maintains physical fitness and health standards required for the position and subject to annual fitness and medical examinations to verify a fit for duty status. Travels domestically and internationally in support of the protectee's business continuity while ensuring personal safety and security requirements are met during local business events and travel regardless of the environment or geographical location.

Basic Qualifications For Consideration 
Do you have experience in close protection and the personal security of a customer/principal?
Are you willing to travel both domestically and internationally 50% of the time each month (duration will vary from 2 to 10 consecutive days each trip)?
Are you willing to work in a small team with as few as two team members with minimal logistical support?

Typical Education/Experience 
Bachelor's and typically 6 or more years' related work experience, a Master's degree and typically 4 or more years' related work experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Other Job related information 
Frequent domestic and international travel, often on short notice, is required for this position. Prefer applicant to have the ability to operate independently or in a small team (with as few as two people) with minimal guidance and with possible resource constraints.

*** Please note that depending on the specific position, you may be required to pass additional medical tests, credit checks, and/or other requirements. These additional items are required for the Company to comply with various laws and regulatory rules.***

The job specifications - including competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics), job-relevant work experience, education, and other requirements described in this requisition - will be the basis for applicant screening, including resume reviews, structured interviews and any other assessments used to support the hiring decision. All candidates considered for this position may be required to participate in a structured interview. The structured interview is a standardized method of evaluating candidates' job-related competencies to support an objective selection and promotion process.

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