Intelligence Collection Officer Mentor

Employer: Jorge Scientific Corporation
Location: England
• To mentor, guide and coach selected members of the designated Intelligence Directorate, within either the MoI or MoD as assigned in the application of the prescribed doctrine, forms and equipment to assist with the collection, management and dissemination of information in order to combat insurgency and serious criminal activity.

• To deliver this mentoring in both formal classroom sessions and informal group and one-on-one briefings, facilitated by an ACA (Accredited Cultural Adviser) who will provide real-time interpreting and written translation as required in addition to relevant cultural advice.
• To assist and oversee the implementation of an infrastructural and administrative framework at the mentoring location to ensure that mentoring is delivered in the most effective way possible; and
• To develop positive relationships and build trust with the Intelligence Officer and other relevant personnel in order to create a receptive learning environment.
• To be responsible of the overall security, performance and administration of the assigned ACA.

Specific Duties
• Mentoring Intelligence Officers in the techniques of Agent Handling and such other associated capabilities as may be directed from time-to-time, to include the overarching principals as well as detailed guidance on the use of specific forms and SOPs.
• Ensuring that the mentoring is provided in a clear, structured and understandable format, and that every effort is taken to tailor the mentoring to local requirements and conditions.
• Monitoring the implementation and consistent application of processes as defined in the standard doctrine which underpins the mentoring activities.
• Identifying and mentoring the senior Intelligence Commander at the designated location and developing a close relationship with him in order to facilitate mentoring of lower-level officers and obtain local buy-in to the project.
• Ensuring that weekly mentoring reports and any other project metrics which are required to be submitted are sent in a timely and secure manner as directed by the Province PIM.
• Attending interviews with customer-designated personnel to assist them in writing project evaluations and providing any other material they may require.
• Creating a productive working relationship with the assigned ACA to ensure the effective delivery of the doctrinal material and the development of a robust environment for learning;
• Ensuring that an understanding is maintained of the cultural, political and social situation at the designated location and its environment; and that all activities are conducted in a manner that takes into account these aspects.
• Creating a good relationship with the Coalition Military Teams to ensure that a satisfactory level of support is received to enable mentoring activities to take place.
• Assisting in any infrastructural improvements required at the designated location; and, where needed, submit requests for infrastructural improvements through the Province PIM.

Experience and Education Requirements
• A minimum of two years’ experience in Agent Handling procedures within a police or military context essential.
• Proven ability in mentoring, transfer of know-how, training and teaching in a live operating or classroom environment preferable.
• Possesses current UK passport.
• Security Clearance to UK/NATO Secret level or above, preferably already held.
• Ability to live and work in difficult and basic conditions for a standard deployment of 100 days Field Office or four months in Kabul (or occasionally longer as required).
• Prepared to work according to operational requirements.
• Ability to work well in small teams in potentially adverse conditions.
• Security-conscious and awareness for self and those within the team.
• Competent in use of Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint); and
• Effective written communications skills and competence in report writing.

                          THIS IS A CONTINGENT POSITION

How to Apply 
Visit the following link:    Go to JoB ID 13041