Security Manager

Location الموقع: Dubai
The role of the Security Manager is to protect company assets and improve profitability by developing and implementing security and safety programs for employees and customers.
You would be responsible for minimising the financial losses of the retail operation related to areas such as
theft, vandalism, accident and injury. This position requires the ability to develop ways to detect safety issues
and security violations, and to put programs in place to prevent repeat occurrences. You would be responsible for managing a team of security guards and ensuring they are trained on loss control and prevention measures.

The role will require the right candidate to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with store and law enforcement personnel. The Security Manager must work with discretion and professionalism, and maintain confidentiality at all times.

The right candidate should be experience in the following areas:
· Experience of CCTV and Alarm System implementation.
· Ability to advise retail establishments on development of loss-investigation procedures.
· Collaborate with law enforcement to investigate and solve external theft or fraud cases.
· Visit stores to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
· Recommend improvements in loss prevention programs, staffing, scheduling, or training.
· Provide recommendations and solutions in crisis situations such as workplace violence, protests, and demonstrations.
· Train Security staff, retail managers, or store employees on loss control and prevention measures.
· Perform or direct inventory investigations in response to shrink results outside of acceptable ranges.
· Coordinate theft and fraud investigations involving career criminals or organized group activities.
· Direct loss prevention audit programs including target store audits, maintenance audits, safety audits, or electronic article surveillance (EAS) audits.
· Develop and maintain partnerships with local law enforcement agencies or members of the retail loss prevention / Security community.
· Analyze retail data to identify current or emerging trends in theft or fraud.
· Advise retail managers on compliance with applicable codes, laws, regulations, or standards

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