Local Guard Force Project Manager

Position: Local Guard Force Project Manager
Company: Sterling Global
Location: Kinshasa, DRC
Start Date: JAN 2014 timeframe.
Duration: 2-3

Scope: The United States Department of State
(DOS) has a requirement for a qualified
Contractor to provide local guard services at the
U.S. Embassy in Congo. The Embassy requires a
secure environment to conduct its mission. The
Contractor shall provide the organizational
structure, management, and qualified staff at
levels adequate to meet or exceed the
requirement contained in this PWS. The primary
goal of the Local Guard Force (LGF) is to
accomplish their mission in a professional and
efficient manner while protecting U. S.
Government personnel, facilities, and equipment
from damage or loss. The general and post
specific guard orders will aid the LGF in
accomplishing their goals. The local guard
services shall prevent unauthorized access,
protect life, maintain order, deter criminal attacks
against employees their dependents and
property, and prevent terrorist acts against all
U.S. interests under Chief of Mission authority
thereby preventing damage to Government
personnel and property. The contractor guard
force is divided into three primary functions or
types of services required to support this
contract. These services include residential
guards, mobile patrols, and static and roving
guards to protect the Embassy, Consulate,
residences and other official facilities.

Requirements: The Project Manager (PM) shall
have completed secondary school; completion of
a Technical College is highly desirable, and have
experience in program or project management
and qualifications on a range of security-related
skills along with a verified record of proven
reliability and good conduct to minimize
personnel and staffing issues. The PM must be
able to provide proactive program management,
and provide the RSO/COR/ACOR with specific
information and status of the local guard force on
a daily basis. The PM shall have a minimum of ten
(10) years police, military, security, or local guard
force management experience with a minimum of
five (5) years of the work experience being at
supervisory or command levels in Africa, Middle
East or other developing region and have intimate
knowledge of high risk/high threat security
environments and have a familiarity of the recent
trends and specific terrorist and criminal threats
facing the U.S Mission and other Western
interests in Nigeria. Experience with risk
management including problem identification and
problem solving would be highly recommended.
On a daily basis, the incumbent will analyze the
operational security environment throughout
region, country and the city and work closely with
the RSO to ensure Post's security posture and
countermeasures are commensurate with the
overall threat to U.S. personnel and the Mission.

Qualified applicants can contact Sterling Global
Email: paul.adams@sterlinggo.com
P: +1 865.635.3009 | F: +1 865.988.6067
Website: www.SterlingGO.com