Close Protection / PSD Team Leader

Employer: Olive Group
Location: Baghdād, Iraq
Job Code:  HC/JC/58/2011
Job Description
The Position Reporting to the Operations Manager or Project Manager, the role of the Team Leader is
to supervise the performance of a team of personal security detail (“PSD”) in a hostile environment. This requires the Team Leader to manage and administer such personnel and resources as may be assigned to a particular team such that the team operates safely, reliably, and in accordance with policies, procedures and standards made known to the Team Leader. Position Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Team Leader may be adjusted from time to time on instruction from relevant Line Management, however, this position will require complete responsibility for assigned personnel, equipment, for associated governance and for effective client liaison. In particular the Team leader is responsible for:

Task delivery, for the conduct of all phases of the assigned task with due regard for the level of threat conveyed by the most recent project risk assessment.
Client briefings prior to task to ensure strong client relations are upheld and managed professionally, politely and appropriately.
Management of vehicle documentation ensuring all vehicle documents are compliant with relevant standards before deployment on task.
Ensuring the security, serviceability and daily maintenance of a team’s firearms including recording their presence and ensuring they are handled safely at all times.
Maintaining personnel training records for the assigned Expatriate, Local National and Third Country Nationals in accordance with Olive Group and project requirements.
Maintaining absolute familiarity with Olive Group Standard Operating Procedures and the legal parameters in which the personal security detail operates.
Liaison with such police, military and other agencies as the PSD may encounter, ensuring that it is handled with due courtesy and effective and cooperative relations are maintained.
Reporting all disciplinary and security related issues to the Operations Manager or Project Manager.
Compliance with Rules for Use of Force consistent with procedures and regulations laid down by Olive Group in conjunction with the client, host state and International Laws.

Essential Requirements
Minimum of 5 years of service in a Regular Army, reaching a minimum rank of Section Commander and with at least 2 years in that position.
Minimum of 1 year of personal security experience relevant to the region.
Proven command, control and operational experience in a challenging or high risk environment.
Ability to draft detailed, accurate reports in a timely manner
Satisfactory completion of a formal Close Protection training course conducted by an SIA-approved training organisation (or other national equivalent)
In possession of a current SIA Close Protection License (or other national equivalent).
In possession of a valid certificate of qualification in First Person on Scene (Intermediate) (FPOS-I) having completed a training programme and qualified for the award with an Edexcel approved provider, or hold an equivalent national qualification for non-UK residents.
Satisfactory completion of a criminal record check within the recent 6 months

Desirable Requirements:
In possession of a valid certificate of qualification in Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

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