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Security Supervisor ,Seychelles

Employer: Raffles Praslin
Location Seychelles
Closes: 09 April 2015
Ref: RPS00390
Job Summary
To e nsure a safe environment for the hotel staff and guests and protect the assets of the hotel.  

  • To establish chain of command and responsibility, the Supervisor shall be held directly responsible to the Assistant Operations Manager, Assistant Director and Director of Security.
  • Perform duties according to the Duty Roster prepared by the Director of Security or in his absence, the Assistant Director of Security. 
  • Adopt “Service Oriented” approach in discharging of duties in order to function harmoniously with the concept of the Hotel as a place of Hospitality:
  • Be held accountable for the overall performance of the on duty security personnel and all security related matters;
  • Exercise flexibility to maintain a balance between effectiveness and un obstructiveness;
  • Promote the “gentleman” rather than “officer” image for the security service;
  • Act for and on behalf of the Hotelkeeper on security matters;
  • Protect the safety of guests, staff, their properties and those belonging to the Hotel;
  • Assist other Department in rendering services to the customers to maintain or enhance the services provided other than primary security duties;
  • Act as a host of the hotel by personally welcoming arriving guests and bidding farewell to departing guests;
  • Greet guests and offer assistance;
  • To lead guests whenever possible if they are uncertain of the location within the Hotel premises;
  • To inform and sell other hotel facilities to all visitors of the Hotel.
  • Training of new LPOs to impart job knowledge and skills,
  • Update regular SOP exams.
  • Inspecting and briefing his/her charges before the deployment to ensure that they are neat and tidy in appearance;
  • Discipline:
  • Enforce discipline and report, warn or counsel on incidents of indiscipline observed as appropriately;
  • Are physically and mentally fit i.e. any officer who is found to be incapable by reason of sickness or intoxication through the influence of liquor or drugs or not in the right frame of mind, shall be referred to the Company appointed Clinic for an examination and struck off the Duty Roster.
  • Clearly and fully understand the instruction and information delivered at the briefing.
  • Conduct regular checks on all “field” officers to assure that they are alert and discharging their duties efficiently and effectively.  For this purpose, he shall, unless otherwise actively engaged, perform at least two (2) patrols of the whole building during his tour of duty.
  • Conducting investigations and putting up the accompanying investigation papers and reports into cases which occur within the Hotel involving
  • Criminal acts, losses or accidents caused to lives and properties;
  • Staff misconduct;
  • Cases affecting guests or staff that may be of interest to the Management.
  • Protect and preserve the integrity of the Department by
  • Keeping tag on officers under his charge to ensure that they conform to correct work attitudes and accepted norms of conduct as expected from LPOs
  • Intelligence gathering, from within and without the Department, to assess their integrity and potentials;
  • Taking appropriate action to report, encourage or counsel, if found necessary, depending on the merits of demerits of the case.
  • Surveillance of hotel staff
  • Ensuring that they abide by the House Rules;
  • Keeping tag on movements of staff who are classified as suspects under investigations.
  • Cultivation of Informers with the intention of obtaining information of security interest that may be of immediate or future use to the Department for prevention and detection purposes.
  • Keeping peace and order within the premises of the Hotel in dealing with criminals, trespassers or difficult characters.
  • Participating in special functions or operations conducted or organized by the Hotel for VVIPS, shows, etc., private organization or individual having official business connected with the Hotel as well as The Department directed against criminal and undesirable elements.
  • Keeping the Duty Shift Security Supervisor, Assistant Operations Manager, Assistant Director and Director of Security constantly posted on all matters of security interest affecting the Hotel and the Department.
  • Taking charge and inspecting all equipment to ensure that they are in working order and that all cameras are correctly focused.
  • Conducting regular and periodical checks on taking immediate follow-up action to rectify faults, damage, etc., detailed in the following
  • “Perimeter defense” i.e., all fire exit doors, link doors, etc., leading INTO or OUT of the Hotel and which are fitted with locking devices or alarm systems to ensure that they are in good working condition as an effective measure against trespassers and pilferage;
  • Fire fighting equipment;
  • Walkie Talkies;
  • CCTV equipment;
  • Office operating forms.
  • Routine day-to-day checks of the following items to ensure that they are properly maintained, issued and accounted for;
  • Pocket books;
  • Security Desk Occurrence Book;
  • Gate Passes and Security Passes;
  • Keys and Key Registers;
  • Post allocation for Raffles and External Security
  • Preparing meal roster for individual shift.
  • Reflecting all activities involving the Department in the Daily Security Report.
  • Attending the briefing session that shall take place thirty (30) minutes before the commencement of each shift.
  • Attending approval courses conducted by the Hotel Training Department.
  • Attending meeting and in-service training conducted by the Department. Attendance shall be compulsory except those on official duty.

  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Understanding and ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Post Secondary school education with professional Security qualifications preferred
  • Minimum 2 – 3 years experience in a similar role is desirable in a 5 star hotel with at least 1 year at a supervisory role.
     Closing Date :   01.Apr.2015
     Job Number:   RPS00390