Temporary Security Supervisors, Multiple Positions - UK Sporting Event 2015

Closing date for registration is Friday 26 June 2015

Hiring Criteria
Security Supervisor must be SIA licenced to Close Protection Level and able to apply front line restraint as necessary.
Minimum of three years commercial experience, ideally in a Management role
Minimum of 4+ years Military or Police operational experience
Must be able to demonstrate a positive, flexible and hands-on approach initiative and be tenacious
Must be able to demonstrate previous experience of operating within a high performance environment, be it military, commercial or sporting.
Excellent influencing and negotiating skills
Full UK Driving Licence
Fluency in written and spoken English
Strong communications and IT skills, including use of all Microsoft programmes; Excel, Word, Visio, Outlook.
Security Supervisor must have a current CRB check (copies will be required to corroborate)

Highly Desirable:
Previous experience of providing services to elite athletes in similar roles
Knowledge of the sporting landscape with England/Wales or major events e.g Olympics
Previous experience of working with people from different culture.
Ability to speak a second relevant language.

Job Duties
Security Supervisor will be appointed to one (or more) team bases where the training facilities at these bases have little existing security infrastructure, in order to provide effective security to the sites and to provide a safe environment for teams to train and conduct their match preparations.
The Consultant will operate full control over his/her Static Security Teams (SSTs), which will consist of the Contractor and up to 4 security guards.
Security Supervisors will advise and support the Regional Security Manager (RSM) who is responsible for all security aspects within the area of the team bases. The Contractor will also liaise closely with the Team Security Advisors (TSAs), and at some stages with the Team Base Coordinators (TBCs) and the Team Liaison Officers (TLOs) embedded within each team for security and safety aspects relating to the team bases.
In more detail the Contractor’s role will be:
Advising TSAs and RSMs on security matters relating to the team bases and their immediate environment and recommending best practice security measures for guarding these sites.
Working closely with the RSMs, TSAs, TBCs and TLOs and possibly other nominated team personnel.
Liaising with the team base training venues and other location security management representatives.
Liaising with Team Bus Drivers in regard to vehicle security checks I parking etc at the team base training venues.
Supporting the overall Tournament Security Staffs to ensure that teams remain safe and security throughout the Tournament.
Security Supervisors must remain in communication with the TSAs and RSMs at all times.
With the TSAs, the Consultant will liaise with venue ‘owners’ where there is no or inadequate security staff, and/or where existing security staff require reinforcement for whatever reason.
Liaising with other location security management representatives as required.
Liaising with TSAs in regard to vehicle security checks, access control, parking etc.
Be prepared when tasked by the GardaWorld Ops Coord and RSMs to support the wider tournament security apparatus by responding to additional requirements as required.
The training pitches will be physically screened from view where possible and when deemed necessary, to prevent intrusive photography by media and opponents, and to support the task of the SSTs. There may be liaison required with Team Services Staff to enable this screening to be enhanced, repaired.

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by GardaWorld to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.

Presentation of falsified credentials or false statements can lead to termination of any engagement (or future engagement) with the company.

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