International Physical Security Operations Manager (IPSOM) , Middle East

Employer: AT-Risk International
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Reports to: Physical Security Manager


The International Physical Security Operations Manager provides oversight of physical security operations, supporting the overall operational requirements of regional MENA offices and operations to include direct support of client matters in the region. The International Physical Security Operations Manager (IPSOM) is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but will support regional security requirements. The position will be responsible for on-site activities for developing, evaluating, coordinating and implementing security support activities, specifically serving as the coordinator for planning, designing and executing a wide variety of sensitive and complex tasks encompassing the entire security spectrum and interacting with local and U.S. Government officials on threat issues. The position requires multiple professional skills, to include: familiarization with security system concepts and technical applications, security program management, close protective operations in austere environments for low profile operations, public safety liaison, interpersonal skills and written and oral communication skills.

Access Control Program Duties:
Perform access control and badging issuance assignments as required.
Initiate service calls and maintain liaison with local vendors for all physical security equipment and systems.
Maintain visitor and access control records.
Maintain the Non-Employee vetting and badging program.
Assist with invoice management and other administrative duties as directed.
Background Screening Duties:
Facilitate screening support related to access control operations relating to non-employees.
Assistance with the new hire international screening processes, to include document collection as needed.
Work with EP vendors on special event security in local area of operations.
Conduct and document security reviews on facilities, both existing and potential on regular schedule.
Provide updates of local situations of security interest in real time to SST leadership.
Security Training Program Duties:
Conduct training programs for employees as required.
Oversee all training efforts and outreach programs for the Region.
Protective Program Duties:
Conduct protection assignments as required.
Oversee all protective and special event operations in the region.
Fulfill staffing requests of all operations in group.
Assist in with invoice management and other administrative duties as directed.

General Duties:
Represent Physical Security team in various meetings (construction, planning, etc.).
Possesses strong leadership and team building capabilities.
Manage physical security assignments and projects.
Submit time sheets and expense reports in a timely fashion.
Conduct regularly scheduled informational meetings with local leadership.
Complete all assigned administrative duties as requested.
Maintain necessary licenses as required.
Other duties as assigned.Responsibilities
Provide security and technical support necessary for the clients Middle East operations with a base in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Liaison with local officials and operational relationships with local client management, their Security Services Team (SST) senior managers, and on-site officials of U.S. agencies to address security matters or issues that affect critical aspects of the clients Middle East offices.
Coordinate and assist in the identification, review and interpretation of information pertaining to security concerns of known or suspected threats posed to the regional BAH operations and staff.
Identify key security issues and priorities and make recommendations to local BAH management and SST senior managers on security matters addressing the office.
Inform security team managers of changes in local office programs and operations, which impact security matters or issues.
Administer security programs for the regional offices as well as provide oversight for system installations and maintenance.
Support compliance efforts collaborating with firm’s Export Compliance departmentSkill Set
Must be fluent in Arabic and English in verbal and written form
Must be proficient with computers, telephone, copier, printer, fax machine and other office machines
Must be flexible and dedicated
Familiarization with security operations, administration, technology and management.
Demonstrates an ability to oversee personal protective details, analyze security needs of protectees, analyze threats, reach conclusions, and make recommendations.
Demonstrates superior judgment and commitment to highest ethical standards.
Demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with executive security staff and principal personnel.
Demonstrates strong leadership, coaching, and supervisory skills.
Demonstrates an ability to guide workplace investigations, analyze facts, reach conclusions, makes recommendations, and resolve conflicts.
Demonstrates superior judgment, conflict resolution, and interview and interrogation skills.
Demonstrates an ability to interact effectively with executive security staff, company managers, and other company employees, clients, vendors, law enforcement, and customers (as may be necessary for the completion of assigned duties).
Possesses computer skills necessary for analyzing and assessing information, writing reports, charting case progress, interdepartmental communication, and assuring records management and privacy.
Demonstrates strong oral communication skills necessary for professionally and coherently relating the results of investigations.
Demonstrates an ability to multitask and strong organizational, project management, and problem-solving skills.


Suitable candidate must possess requisite experience of 5 years related experience in physical security, law enforcement and/or military service plus 4 years of experience specific to assignment. Must complete pre-requisite training.General Requirements

Job may require standing, sitting, moving for extended periods of time. Exposure to extreme environmental conditions occurs occasionally. Individual will be required to travel periodically. Ability to perform essential job functions with or without a reasonable accommodation

AT-RISK International is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, protected veteran status or disability.