Guard Supervisor

Employer: Babcock Critical Services – Resilience & Emergency Services
Location: Capenhurst Chester
Salary £29,487.82 - £32,487.82

Babcock Critical Services is one of the largest providers of support services to the emergency services sector. We manage vehicles, equipment and facilities on behalf of the London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police Service, New Dimension, Highways Agency and Associated British Ports, managing vehicles, equipment, facilities and training. We deliver value for money solutions via a proven approach that enables us to optimise assets and increase availability, while providing a complete and resilient service.

We are now actively recruiting for a Guard Supervisor. The Guard Supervisor will be expected to undertake roles of Supervisor as well as Foot Patrol, Vehicle Patrol, Main Gate search, Control Room supervisor and any other security related roles required by the Security Manager to maintain site security and manning levels.

Carry out day to day supervision and line management of guards ;oversee the training,CPD and completion of exercises by guards; ensure minimum manning levels are met prior to the start of each shift; highlight resource issues in a timely manner to Security Manager; work with the customer to ensure KPIs are met; manage performance and address poor behaviours where required bringing to the attention of Security Manager when appropriate
Carry out duties on the Main Gate carrying out vehicle searches and check visitor/staff passes during daytime hours. During silent hours the gate person will utilise the operations room at the main gate, with the gate and all barriers secure.
Control access to and from site - Check passes of employees and visitors as they come onto site. Prevent Unauthorised Individuals entering the site. Control flow of vehicles leaving site. Prevent access to site during an incident as directed by Site Emergency Control Centre (SECC) (except when directed by SECC to admit external emergency vehicles and/or named individuals).
Keep entrance and exit clear for emergency vehicles during an incident. Follow procedures for access at different times. Key control - Issue, receive and securely hold keys and maintain a key register.
Search vehicles & pedestrians - Search of pedestrians with baggage. Search entering temporary pass-holder vehicles. Search a proportion of entering permanent pass-holder vehicles. Search a proportion of exiting vehicles. Detect Prohibited Material (including search for explosives using the Smith's machine, or a dog if costs allow).
Carry out Control Room duties as required. Monitor CCTV and security systems - Assessment of risks to the site through the use of CCTV. Monitor alarm systems.
Receive and process emergency calls - Respond to SLA for emergency calls.
Support emergency response and deploy resources - Respond appropriately to emergency calls and prompt necessary action. Monitor CCTV and alarm systems as appropriate. Coordinate emergency response as appropriate.
Maintain records - Maintain incident logs in a new incident log system. Maintain security systems maintenance records. Carry out routine checks of equipment and documents - Ensure security control room equipment is functioning correctly. Promptly escalate maintenance issues to the security department. Ensure secure storage of documents. Complete reports when required.
As part of the patrol force. Carry out Perimeter checks at of the entire site perimeter following SLA for searches on foot. Coordinate with control room on perimeter matters.
Identify & report any damage to fence, suspected breaches or any objects on or near the fence that could be used as a climbing aid or could reduce the fence's effectiveness. Identify damage to the perimeter fence or surrounding area that may indicate a breach. Identify objects that could reduce the effectiveness of the fence (e.g. a ladder). Report suspected breaches to the control room
Investigate suspected breaches.
Detect and challenge unauthorised persons - Detect unauthorised persons - using dogs if appropriate. Prevent unauthorised persons from further breaching security. Control unauthorised persons until external emergency services arrive. Act within the protocols of civil powers of arrest and detention.
Vehicle patrol of exterior roads - Patrol exterior public roads surrounding the site, carrying out mobile check of areas adjacent to the site perimeter. Provide visible vehicle presence. Vehicle patrol of interior roads - Patrol internal site roads. Provide visible vehicle presence. Incident response - Respond to incidents as directed by control room. If required, carry out initial on-the-ground control of incidents (acting as the initial incident commander) until the arrival of nominated authorised person who will then take control.
Checks of external storage - Regular checks of external storage areas within the perimeter of the site. Identify & report any hazards - Report any suspected hazards (e.g. a Fire Hazard or unsafe structure) observed during the course of patrol.
Building integrity checks - Out of hours, ensure locked buildings are secure. Out of hours, ensure security integrity of operational buildings. Building open / lock up - Locking and unlocking of specified buildings, either at set times or on request from an authorised person.
Maintain fitness and Health standards for the role.
Maintain currency in on-site training in accordance with their Personal Development Plan (PDR)
Take part in and when required manage Exercises on the site.
This role description describes (but does not limit) the main duties and responsibilities of the position. These are subject to variation as is necessary to respond to the need of the Business, both internal and external.
In accordance with our certification to the standards OHSAS 18001, ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001 each employee will comply with and contribute to the effective implementation of the current Babcock International Group Networks Division:
Health and Safety policy
Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
To work within established Company policies and procedures and behaviours
Promote company values and standards and exhibit appropriate behaviour in accordance with Company ethos.
Use talent and ability to encourage achievement and continuous improvement.
To demonstrate safety, integrity & commitment at all times.
Maintain excellent levels of communication throughout the team and the wider business.
To carry out any other duties as and when necessary to meet the varying demands of the business and satisfy customer needs.

Skills, Experience & Qualifications

Proven Management Skills
Security Industry Authority Accredited (SIA)
Minimum attain SC Cleared (preferably DV cleared)
Conflict Management Experience
Incident Management Experience
BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems certified
Good report writing skills
Intelligence Material Handling
Relationship & Rapport building skills
Risk assessment and threat mitigation.
Previous Managerial Experience with the Military , Police Force or Security Industry
Auxiliary Fire-fighter Trained
Nuclear Industry experience
Flexibility to adapt to normal and emergency shift working patterns
Previous security Industry skills in guarding and patrol roles
First Aid Trained
SIA Licence
Driving Licence
Maintain a good standard of health &fitness for the role
British National with a UK passport


Offers of employment are normally subject to Security Clearance requirements.

Security Clearance can be verified and may be transferred to a new employer if required. If you do not have the Security Clearance required for a particular role you would not be able to start your employment until clearance has been obtained. In some instances this will require one or more of the following: Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC) or Security Check (SC). In order to gain Security Clearance you will normally have had to have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of 5 years. Checks may also be made against your Employment History and UK criminal records, covering both spent and unspent convictions.

Company Information

Babcock Critical Services' core capability focusses on fleet and asset management. To ensure a targeted delivery, the business has been structured into three market-specific business streams: Airports, Resilience & Emergency Services and Mining & Construction. All of which is underpinned by a core functional capability which includes; HR, Finance, Bid, Commercial, Supply Chain, Marketing and IT.

Babcock is committed to having a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We strive to ensure each individual is given the same opportunities and considerations, consistently and fairly, throughout our recruitment practices. We are also committed to honouring the Corporate Covenant and supporting the Armed Forces community. We recognise the value Serving Personnel, Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to our business and country.


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