Security Deputy Team Leader


SIA Licence Required: Frontline

1. Position within the organisation

Reports to Security Team Leader.

2. Key Purpose
To support the Security Team Leader in their role.
Security Deputy Team Leaders must be able to manage groups of staff with tact, sensitivity and firmness.
They must be reliable, be of an exemplary standard and have significant leadership qualities.
They must be able to demonstrate the ability of decision making and the cost effective management of resources.

3. Key Responsibilities

The Security Team Leader must have experience of a security environment.
Experience of managing a group of people.
Knowledge of Control Room systems and procedures.
Implementing procedures for managing emergency situations involving fire, security and Safety.

The appointment is such that the Security Deputy Team Leader in the absence of the Team Leader, especially during silent hours, is effectively in charge of the Gallery, and must, therefore, be able to deal with any situation that may arise. This requires the ability to make appropriate decisions coolly and firmly whilst under pressure and to ensure the correct actions and procedures are followed to ensure the safety of staff, visitors, the collection and the building.
The post holder will have frequent contact with his/her staff, members of the public, emergency services, VIPs and Privilege Pass Holders. The ability and confidence to communicate effectively orally and in writing is a key requirement.

They must be able to demonstrate leadership qualities.
They must have the skill to manage with tact, sensitivity and firmness.
Experience of managing a group of people would be an advantage.
Mutual support and respect for each others skills is very important for the effective running of a Security Team. The Security Team Leader must be able to develop and maintain an ethos of teamwork.
The Security Team Leader is an important element of the security and emergency response arrangements at The National Gallery. He/she must have the ability to take control of situations when necessary to manage emergencies and other demanding situations.

To act in accordance to the Securitas values of Helpfulness, Integrity and Vigilance.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities:

To value and respect your colleagues and members of the public regardless of their background.
To cooperate and contribute to measures introduced by the Gallery to ensure equality of opportunity and encourage diversity.
The Gallery attaches great importance to the managers role in ensuring staff feel that they are valued and that the Gallery is a fair and rewarding place to work. In particular managers have a key responsibility for ensuring fairness in their application of Gallery policies and procedures including recruitment, performance management and staff development.

4. Competences
· Managing and Leading others
· Manages Self
· Decision Making
· Communication Skills
· Business Acumen & Commercial Awareness
· Operational Excellence
· Strategic Thinking (Planning & forecasting)
· Customer Management & Sales Development
· Relationship building & Networking

If interested in the position please send your CV at Anderson, Neil <> with DEPUTY TEAM LEADER APPLICATION and if you match our requierements you will be invited for an interview.