Security Supervisor

Employer: Rove Hotels (Emaar Hospitality Group)
Location: Dubai, UAE

Security Supervisor will oversee the daily activities and operations of the shift, supervise the outsource security on duty to ensure that tasks are being done in a timely and efficient manner. Also assigns, or delegates to be assigned, all specific works, projects administrative duties, tasks, investigations, inspections, etc.

Security Responsibilities
Ability to prioritize and organize work assignments and to delegate work.
Ability to direct the performance of Security staff and follow up with corrections
Investigates, or delegates to be investigated, all incidents occurring on their shift and reviews all investigation
reports for accuracy, grammar, and spelling pursuant to incidents having occurred on their shift or duly assigned.
To maintaining a safe environment, maintaining the peace, and acting on any actual violations of local, county, or municipal code, as well as any violation of Rove Hotels Policy & Procedures.
Assists in all Fire Safety Trainingand Fire drills (Twice a year).
Assists in conducting weekly safety inspections of the property and consigns the same to an appropriate record.
Responsible for the discipline of the Officers/Guards, assisting in scheduling, officer reviews, and officer communiqués.
Coordinates protection details and security arrangements for VIPs and events.
Assists in assigning posted watches for groups and special meetings.
Acts as liaison between Security and other hotel departments on their shift, evaluate needs of locations and coordinates work assignments.
Assists in conducting monthly meetings.
Keeps abreast of current trends in the Security, Emergency Service, and Safety Standard.
Assessing performance of the security officers/guards per company guidelines.

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