Recruiting for future, ad-hoc surveillance tasks

We are computer forensic specialists with 15 years’ experience in corporate IT and fraud investigation. Many of the IT based investigations we conduct require supporting evidence through physical surveillance within the UK or overseas.

Our clients are predominantly private clients, investment banks, international law firms, blue chip companies, and intelligence services.

Ideal candidates will:
be smart and presentable in appearance, reliable and well mannered
be able to communicate clearly and effectively, and carry out tasks competently
possess a good amount of common sense and initiative
be required to sign a confidentiality agreement
have a minimum basic understanding and knowledge of surveillance – for example, minimum can be a completed CP course which has covered the basics of surveillance
any additional surveillance and/or investigative training, courses, qualifications or experience is a bonus

I do not require you to have:
a military or police background - all backgrounds and experience levels will be considered on an individual basis
an SIA licence

This post is open to all regardless of training, qualifications and experience. That is not to devalue the positions or the work we do, it is simply designed to widen the net to capture a variety of skills and people who may be able to do the tasks despite the absence of reams of experience or qualifications. I have also posted this in the surveillance section.

If you are interested in future surveillance and/or investigation work then would you please forward the following toEVIT@LIVE.CO.UK with the reference CPW 24 in the subject heading:

A recent photograph of yourself
If you have a specific hourly and/or daily rate of pay then please include this in your email

This email address is purely for the purpose of recruitment.