Safety and Security Officer, Kabul, Afghanistan

Closing Date: Thursday, 06 September 2012
ISSUANCE DATE: August 15, 2012
CLOSING DATE/TIME: September 06, 2012 AT 16:30 local time
POSITION TITLE: Safety & Security Officer
MARKET VALUE: GS-13 ($71,674 to $93,175)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Thirteen months with an option for renewal
PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Kabul, Afghanistan
DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Senior Safety & Security Officer
SUPERVISORY CONTROLL: Minimal. The incumbent is expected to act independently with little direction


A. Basic Function of the Position

The basic function of the Safety and Security Officer is to provide a high level of safety, security and operational support to all USAID implementing partners, and when required, direct hire, PSC, and personnel located throughout Afghanistan. The Safety and Security Officer is responsible for monitoring critical security information and performing a full range of safety, security and operational activities throughout all of USAID operational areas in country.

B. Duties and Responsibilities

Safety and Security: The Safety and Security Officer ensures safety and security for USAID implementing partners operating in the field through operations tracking and information dissemination. Incumbent will be responsible for liaising with RSO, ISAF, DoD, implementing partners, Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and Senior staff from various agencies and others as required to support and carry out the Partner Liaison Security Office (PLSO) responsibilities. The Safety and Security Officer will make site visits to implementing partner guesthouses and projects. The Safety and Security Officer will assist the USAID contracting office by performing reviews of implementing partner security plans and making suggestions for improvement when necessary. The incumbent will also advise the contracting office to ensure appropriate control and disposal procedures for sensitive and controlled security equipment.

Operations and Tracking: The Safety and Security Officer will be the point of contact for all non-routine security matters relating to implementing partners and will serve as the on-the-ground lead for all USAID/SEC initiatives relating to implementing partners. Incumbent will track implementing partner locations and operations as well as incidents and events that could affect the security situation. Incumbent will receive and consolidate all incident and serious incident reports as they are provided by implementing partners and other sources and will maintain a database cataloging all critical incidents by date, type and provincial location. Incumbent will conduct independent information analysis and will evaluate all information as it relates to political, economic, social, technical, or military conditions as they relate to safety and security of USAID implementing partners. The Safety and Security Officer will track locations and maintain accountability of all program funded armored vehicles being used by USAID implementing partners, assist with customs clearance and registration procedures and coordinate the transfer and/or disposal of these vehicles with EXO and OAA. The incumbent may conduct regular travel by air and ground assets to core program and construction sites to assess USAID implementing partner safety and security requirements.
Information Dissemination: Plans and carries out successive steps responding to oral, written or electronic requests from other organizations for information, applying the full range of established security protocols and rules to safeguard sources and implementing partners. Disseminate daily and weekly incident summaries to implementing partners, the RSO, and other offices that are determined to have a 'need to know'. Assists in the review, evaluation, and improvement of the dissemination process.

APPF Duties and Responsibilities: The Safety and Security Officer will assist in the day-to-day management and coordination of Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF) issues for USAID/Afghanistan. Incumbent will coordinate data collection with the contracting office, contracting office representatives and other USAID offices on the status of contract activity between the APPF and implementing partners. Incumbent will provide APPF updates to the Mission's front office and OAPA. Incumbent will be responsible for liaising with APPF Assistance Group (AAG) and the US Embassy's Coordinating Director for Rule of Law and Law Enforcement (CDROLLE) on APPF related issues. Incumbent will attend and participate in other APPF calls and requests for information.


Work Experience: (30 Points): Minimum 5 years specialized expertise in managing the safety and security operations of a USG agency, bilateral or multilateral organization, international non-governmental organization or private company is required. Work experience in Afghanistan or in the region is preferred. Minimum two years experience working in developing countries; minimum one year experience working in post conflict and/or post disaster programs for emergency relief, humanitarian assistance or reconstruction. Previous experience managing an established safety and security operation in a post conflict or post disaster context. Experience managing a transportation and/or logistics contract or agreement. Previous experience as a team member for an emergency relief, humanitarian assistance or reconstruction program.

Education: (20 Points): Masters degree preferable but not required in relevant field of study (e.g. international development; administration, transportation logistics; security operations; crisis management; development planning, law enforcement, etc.) Bachelor's degree required in relevant field of study.

Technical Knowledge (20 points): Demonstrated knowledge regarding what a comprehensive safety and security operations plan should contain and how it should be managed on a day-to-day basis. Knowledge of generic safety and security protocols in high risk environments. Ability to forecast future safety and security concerns and address planning needs. Familiarity with private security company operations as they relate to implementing partners' security profile. Experience using GIS or similar mapping software.

Work skills & Abilities (20 points): Demonstrated leadership experience, with ability to work independently and with little oversight as well as working closely with other organizations. Be able to work effectively and make sound decisions in high-stress and crisis situations. Be able to effectively collect, synthesize and present information from diverse sources. Be able to build networks with external entities, including other USG agencies, host governments, NGOs, and local officials, as well as the host population. Be able to manage team members' and implementing partners' personal and sensitive information in a professional manner.

Language Proficiency (10 Points): Fluency in English and proven ability to communicate quickly, clearly, and concisely, both orally and in writing, including technical reports. Proven ability to communicate effectively in cross-cultural settings.

Maximum Points Available: 100

D. Term of Performance

The term of the contract will be for 13 months. Within four weeks after written notice from the Contracting Officer that all clearances have been received or, unless another date is specified by the Contracting Officer in writing, the incumbent shall proceed to Kabul to perform the above services which may be extended upon mutual agreement and subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funds. This position has been classified at a U.S. Government GS-14. The actual salary of the successful candidate will be negotiated depending on qualifications and previous salary history.

In addition, the Mission has a 35% Post Differential allowance and 35% Danger Pay. FICA and federal income tax will be withheld by USAID. During this one year period you will be entitled to two Rest and Recuperation trips (R&R) and up to three Regional Rest Breaks. You will be entitled to 20 days Administrative Leave plus two days of travel time for each break. In excess of the Administrative Leave, you will have to use your Annual Leave or Compensatory time for the breaks.

Afghanistan is a no-dependent post.

E. General information regarding living and working conditions in Afghanistan

Life in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan has improved somewhat since the establishment of the government, and great strides have been made to regularize the availability of services, utilities, and supplies of common consumer items. Living conditions, however, are still difficult but this position offers a historic opportunity to work closely with a dedicated team to assist the Afghans to bring peace and stability to their war-torn country. Afghanistan is an unaccompanied post. All staff members are housed on the heavily guarded and fortified Embassy compound, at a military compound, or at a PRT.

F. Medical and Security Clearance The selected applicant must be able to obtain a USG Top Secret level security clearance. U.S citizens should obtain Department of State Class I Medical Clearance.

G. Benefits: As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a PSC is normally authorized the benefits and allowances listed in this section. [NOTE: A contractor meeting the definition of a U.S. Resident Hire PSC, shall be subject to U.S. Federal Income Tax, but shall not be eligible for any fringe benefits (except contributions for FICA, health insurance, and life insurance), including differentials and allowances.]

FICA Contribution
Contribution toward Health & life insurance
Pay Comparability Adjustment
Eligibility for Worker's Compensation
Annual & Sick Leave
Access to Embassy medical facilities, commissary and pouch mail service as per post policy b. ALLOWANCES (If Applicable): (1) Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120) (2) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130) (3) Post Allowance (Section 220) (4) Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230) (5) Post Differential (Chapter 500) (6) Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600) and (7) Danger Pay (Section 650) (8) Education Allowance (Section 270) (9) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260) (10)Education Travel (Section 280)
Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas).

c. FEDERAL TAXES: PSCs are not exempt from payment of Federal Income taxes under the foreign earned income exclusion.

H. CONTRACT INFORMATION BULLETINS (CIBs/AAPDs) PERTAINING TO PSCs AAPD 06-11 Home Leave and Revised General Provision 5, Leave and Holidays AAPD 06-10 PSC Medical expense payment responsibility AAPD 06-07 AIDAR, Appendix D: Contract budget, salary determination and salary increase AAPD 06-01 Medical evacuation insurance CIB 01-10 Revision of medical clearance process ? PSC with U.S. Citizens CIB 01-07 Clarification of the extension/renewal policy regarding PSCs CIB 01-05 Clarification of the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) policy regarding Third Country Nationals (TCNs) CIB 00-08 Revision of Competitive Process ? PSCs with U.S. Citizens CIB 00-03 FICA & Medicare Tax Rates for Personal Services Contracts CIB 99-22 PSC Policy CIB 98-23 Guidance regarding Classified Contract Security and Contractor Personnel Security Requirements CIB 98-16 Annual Salary Increase for USPSCs CIB 98-14 Change in Required Application Form for USPSCs CIB 98-11 Determining a Market Value for Personal Services Contractors Hired under Appendix D. CIB 97-17 PSC's with U.S. Citizens or U.S. resident aliens CIB 97-16 Class Justification for use of Other Than Full and Open Competition for Personal Services Contracts with U.S. Citizens Contracted with Locally, with CCNs and TCNs Subject to the Local Compensation Plan, and for Overseas Contracts of $250,000 or less CIB 96-23 Unauthorized Provision in Personal Services Contracts CIB 94-09 Sunday Pay for U.S. Personal Services Contractors CIB 93-17 Financial Disclosure requirements under a Personal Services Contract CIB 89-29 Use of Government Bill of Lading for Transportation of Personal Service Contractor (PSC) Household Effects, Unaccompanied Baggage and Privately Owned Vehicles

Various Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) pertain to Personal Services Contracts can be found at:

Additionally, AIDAR Appendixes D or J also applies to PSCs can be found at:

How to apply:


All applications should be submitted electronically to e-mail address Attention: Sameer Lodeen Human Resources Specialist USAID/Afghanistan

To ensure that your application is received for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number as (DIR1285) in the subject line of your e-mail or your application may not be considered.

Applicants may submit an application against this solicitation at any time but prior to September 06, 2012 16:30 local (Kabul) time unless revised.

The highest ranking applications may be selected for an interview. Please note that only short listed candidates will be notified.

J. LIST OF REQUIRED FORMS FOR PSCs: Interested applicants must submit the following documents or their applications may not be considered for this position:

Most current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume;

Three (3) to five (5) references, who are not family members or relatives, with working telephone and email contacts,
The applicant's references must be able to provide substantive information about his/her past performance and abilities. USAID/Afghanistan will only contact references for the finalist, and will only do so with the permission of the applicant.
A written statement that addresses the Evaluation/Selection Criteria in this solicitation.

The CV/resume must contain sufficient relevant information to evaluate the application in accordance with the stated evaluation criteria. Broad general statements that are vague or lacking specificity will not be considered as effectively addressing particular selection criteria.

K. Other Information related to PSCs:

Various Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) pertain to Personal Services Contracts. Those documents can be found at:

Additionally, AIDAR Appendixes D or J also applies to PSCs, which can be found at:

Point of Contact: Sameer Lodeen Human Resources Specialist Email: Phone (in Afghanistan) ? (202) 216-6288 Ext. 4344; Cell 0093797777301 or Fax (202) 216-6288 (Ext. 105)

Place of Performance USAID/Afghanistan U.S. Embassy Great Masoud Road Kabul, Afghanistan