K-9 Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Course Instructor / SME

Employer: Trident Solutions
Location:  Norfolk, Virginia, United States

Job Description
Trident Staffing Solutions has begun a recruiting effort to support upcoming positions- Fill date is pending.
K-9 Explosive Detection Canine Handlers Course (K-9) and
K-9 Assessment, Check Back, and or Consultation

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
Effectively trains canines and canine handlers to detect explosive odors; and canine obedience and agility with regard to explosive detection.
Imprints and trains canines and canine handlers on the following explosive odors at a minimum: C-4
bulk; detonation cord; sheet explosive; ammonium nitrate; watergel, SEC detagel, stick; cast boosters (PETN, RDX, TNT, HMX); dynamite, unigel, stick; black powder; smokeless powder; potassium nitrate; TATP; composition B; A-5, ANFO; nitromethane; TNT, granular; SEMTEX; emulsion explosive, stick; pyrodex; sodium nitrate; flash cord.
Transports and maintains kennels, trains with and utilizes detection dogs to conduct routine and urgent explosive detection operations.
Employs trained, certified explosive detection canines to conduct searches in a variety of open and closed areas.
Complies with Federal, state and local regulations and commercial best practices.
Handles and uses training aids in compliance with safety instructions and regulations.
Operates and communicates effectively with foreign law enforcement and emergency first responders including explosive ordnance disposal personnel.
Maintains logs, writes reports, monitors canine certifications.
Maintains nationally recognized personal qualifications, training requirements and certifications.
Participates actively in maximum maintenance of requisite canine odor proficiency standards.

Mandatory Qualifications:
Demonstrated proficiency using the food reward method for explosive imprinting and explosive detection/searching in accordance with standards established by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF).
Five years experience using food reward as a handler or three years documented experience as an instructor using food reward as the only method of imprinting and training.
Expert in methodology, care and maintenance of the dog, search patterns and techniques for explosive detection.
Completed a Federal law enforcement K-9 training curriculum and served at least three years as an explosive detector canine handler.

Preferred Qualifications:
Demonstrated experience as trainer for a nationally recognized explosive detection canine program at a Federal agency such as:
- National Center for Explosives Training and Research at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF); or
- Canine Breeding and Development Center at the National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP), Canine Training and Evaluation Branch at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
Overseas experience in a training environment.
Experience training foreign nationals.

How to Apply 
Interested applicants log in to tridentsolutions.org and ensure your profile is complete and a copy of your resume and DD214 is uploaded. Send 2 recent color photos, in JPEG format, one of head and shoulders and one head to toe to info@tridentsolutions.org. ALL attachments sent will be labeled with last name only and what it is. Example: Smith-Passport, Example: Smith-Head Shot, Example: Smith-Resume More information and attachments will follow after selections are made.