Airfield Terminal Security Lead (Baggage Screener) - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Airfield Terminal Security Lead (Baggage Screener)
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo
Duties: Oversee and manager processing of passengers and personal baggage through metal detection and X-ray equipment. Utilization of portable anti-narcotic and explosive detection devices. Provide safe, efficient and timely service according to applicable ICAO, IATA and customer standards. Provide supervision of staff and oversight of activities to
ensure compliance with all policies and procedures. Develop local national capacity. Develop and implement training programs.
Ensure that all passengers, without exception, are to be checked by passing through a metal
detector; Ensure air terminal aviation security by carrying out a physical identification check by
photo ID of all passengers entering terminal building including; Perform 100% passenger baggage (includes all items such as purses, bags, brief cases and luggage) screening at the entry point of the air terminal; Take appropriate action in pursuing the security breach and other security related matters according to policy and/or confiscate and dispose of the item(s); Monitor all metal detecting and X-Ray equipment, perform all general cleanliness upkeep of the metal detecting and X-Ray equipment; Perform random and periodic manual personnel of all equipment.
Ensure that all baggage is scanned by an X-Ray machine capable of detecting metal, currency and prohibited items in accordance with laws and policies/standards, and all baggage is cleared from all hazardous materials; take the necessary action to confiscate and dispose of the item(s) should they be detected; Perform random and periodic manual personnel of all equipment.

Qualifications: At minimum 6 years experience in leading/managing airport security activities. Valid certificates in airfield security. Valid driver’s license and international license. Good computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel). Exceptional leadership, communication, and management skills. Ability to manage and lead a diverse workforce. Self motivated, ability to work independently and as part of a team. Ability to positively lead and manage changing objectives and work environment. Ability to prioritize, monitor, and evaluate goals, objectives, and tasks. Willing and able to be assigned to any location with the DRC as operational requirements dictate. Willing and able to be temporarily assigned to other locations within DRC on short notice. Willing and able to work in austere environments. Physical ability to execute all operational requirements and maintain physical fitness required. Ability to lead, direct and manage emergency incidents, disasters and other humanitarian services. Ability to lead and coordinate staff during security related incidents.

Start: asap
Duration: 1+ year
Type: Full Time, Temporary
How to apply: email
Company: PAE Inc.
Contact: Sree Pokala