Close Protection / PSD Team Leader

Employer: Olive Group
Location: Taji, Iraq – Tikrit
PURPOSE OF ROLE The role of an Olive Group Team Leader is to plan and conduct the movements of clients in support of Olive Group Operations, to provide the link between the client and the Operations Manager, and to manage and ensure his team is trained to the standards as laid down by the Operations Manager and Olive Group SOPs. Previous experience in Iraq as a Team Leader is essential.

KEY TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Liaises with and reports directly to the Olive Operations Manager on a daily basis. Primarily responsible for understanding all Olive Group Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the operational parameters in which the team operate out on the ground. Fully conversant with the Project CONOP and the methodology employed by Olive Group in executing their operational duties. Responsible for ensuring his team fully understand and remain compliant with the Rules for Use of Force (RUF) and Graduated Force Response (GFR). Plans and executes missions as directed by Olive Group Operations Manager. Reports all disciplinary and security related issues to the Olive Group Operations Manager. ADDITIONAL TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for ensuring that the teams understand the need to comply with all Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army directives whilst operating out on the ground and that policies, plans and procedures are adhered to. Responsible for submitting a team Flapsheet into the Olive Group Operations Manager before commencement of the mission with a verbal brief of routes to be taken. Responsible for ensuring all clients are briefed daily on route and actions on for both route out and route back. Responsible for ensuring all issued equipment is working and serviceable. Responsible for ensuring communications checks are conducting prior to mission commencement. Responsible for maintaining the communications link with the Olive Group Operations Room during the mission with an understanding of a contingency back up plan in the event of communications breakdown. Responsible for reporting all incidents and accidents that occur during the team’s mission to the Olive Group Operations Manager. Conducts post mission debriefs with the team and clients ensuring that valuable lessons are identified and become lessons learned for future operations. Responsible for updating and providing weekly check sheets to the Olive Group Operations Manager. Responsible for ensuring that team members are not hoarding or on the ground with unauthorized weapons or ammunition quantities. Responsible for briefing and collating any intelligence matters in conjunction with the Insight Rep as directed.

ESSENTIAL CAPABILITIES, SKILLS: Previous experience as a Close Protection Team Leader in Iraq. Be able to articulate facts in a timely and accurate manner both orally and written, and draft detailed and accurate reports. Proven command and control and operational experience in a demanding high risk environment is essential. Needs to show balance and a calm demeanor in the event of a hostile action occurring out on the ground. Understanding of the need for liaison and interaction with Host Nation Forces on the ground. Ability to demonstrate a high level of initiative and accuracy with limited supervision and in high pressure situations. Ability to identify and react to security issues of significance to the clients when on the ground. Understanding diversity and cultural issues within the team and on sites within the area of operations.

KEY COMPETENCIES: IT Literate in Microsoft Word for producing daily sitreps and training reports. Possess a full understanding and working knowledge of the radio systems in operation. Fully cognizant on all Olive Group Iraq SOP and directives, with previous experience of mission planning. Possess good radio and voice procedure.