International Guard Supervisor , Lebanon

Country : Lebanon
Our client based in Lebanon is looking for an EU National International Guard Supervisor for its firm. The ideal candidate must three years hand on experience in same field. The IGS post assists and reports to the ISM and is under his/her supervision. The IGS is based at the SCC and ensures the following tasks (the list is non exhaustive): 1-A detailed roster and presence files on a weekly basis. 2-The implementation and control of the security guard
procedures. 3-The appropriate and continuous coaching of the guard force. 4- Inspection of all posts on a regular basis. 5-An inventory record, with evidenced verification (i.e. signature on standard documents) of the deployed equipment, maintenance and quality. 6-The IGS shall ensure the professional functioning and the management of the entire guard force by means of regular and traceable controls; organize the shifts of the entire guard force staff and ensure that a file with detailed rosters, of both planned and actual presences, is available at all times; ensure that all posts are properly manned; control the proper application of procedures carried out by the guards for the access of vehicles and persons to the compounds premises. 7-The IGS shall oversee the proper operation and use of the EU delegations radio communication system, which is operated on a 24/7 basis by a LSG located at the delegations premises. 8-The IGS shall oversee the proper functioning and operation of the various security installations and equipment in all the premises covered by the contract, such as but not limited to CCTV system, PA system, intruder alarms, fire detection system, transmitters and panic button systems, radio communication equipment, metal detectors, vehicle search equipment, guard monitoring systems, etc. 1-Driving license 2-English fluent 3-Computer literate 4-Clean criminal record certificate 5-Clear medical and psychological test 6-Weapons license* 7-First aid certificate 8-Advanced tactical medical care certificate 9-SIA License.

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