Security Officer

Employer: United Nations
Location: Phnom - Penh
Closing:27 April 2013
Org. Setting and Reporting
Under the applicable law, and in accordance with the terms of the Agreement between the United Nations and the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) has jurisdiction to try senior leaders and those who were most responsible for the crimes and
seriousviolations of Cambodian penal law, international humanitarian law and custom, and international conventions recognized by Cambodia, during the period of the Khmer Rouge regime from 17 April 1975 to 6 January 1979.

While the ECCC is established as a national Court, the Royal Government of Cambodia sought the technical assistance of the United Nations in operating the court. In Resolution A/57/228 and A/57/228B, the General Assembly approved the involvement of the United Nations and endorsed the agreement outlining the arrangements between the two parties. The United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT) was established in 2005 to provide on-going technical, operational and logistical support to the Royal Government of Cambodia in all aspect of the Court's operations.

The position is in the Security and Safety Section
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Under the general direction of the Chief, Security and Safety Section and the direct supervision of the Operations Officer, the incumbent is responsible for the following duties:
Primarily responsible for agency-based warden system for United Nations Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT) to include:
• Maintaining an updated list of staff members with all relevant information; the list should include staff members, consultants and interns in the duty station, eligible dependents of staff members on holiday in country
• Ensures the establishment and maintenance of a functioning Emergency Communications System (ECS) for UNAKRTn in conjunction with the DSS and other Agencies
• Develops implements and supervises a radio communication monitoring mechanism and conducts routine radio checks, as appropriate. Ensures radio communication training is provided to drivers, wardens, other staff members and other VHF users as required
• Ensuring that all security and communications equipment is functioning and in good condition
• Ensure staff adherence and compliance to various Security plans and advisories, such as warden systems; minimum operating security standards (MOSS). Minimum operating residential security standards (MORSS), etc.
• Residential Security: implement Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards (MORSS), conducts residential security surveys of UNAKRT international staff and recommends physical security measures to staff members in accordance with the DSS established procedures
• Prepare justification for residential security measures as required
• Ensuring personnel receive briefings upon arrival, local security training as necessitated by changes in the security environment, and are kept informed of matters affecting their security
• Provide security training to UNAKRT staff • Organize and maintain country files on security issues (assessments, security plans, messages, maps, etc)
• Liaise with UN DSS Cambodia regarding Concentration Points, Assembly Points and other relevant information
• Maintain the Zone Warden Database and regularly synchronize with HR/DSS
• Ensuring that all Zone Warden/Deputy posts are filled and the ZW/DZW staff receive all necessary trainings and updates regarding their zone
• In the absence of the building supervisor the staff security officer assumes these responsibilities: Train and Instruct national security guards in the performance of security services, including fire prevention and physical security of the premises, first aid procedures, use of equipment and operation of automated alarm and video surveillance system
• Investigate and prepare reports on incidents involving ECCC personnel, installations and equipment; Assist in establishing policies and procedures for reviewing crisis situations and preparing contingency plans for emergencies
• Coordinate with fire and safety officer to ensure fire and safety compliance in accordance with available resources and international standards. include the supervision of national and international security officers within the SCC; travel tracking and radio checks; supervise and control the issuance of all ID cards, parking permits and entry passes
• Performs any other duties as assigned by the Chief Security and Safety.