Russian Speaking PSD (with medical credentials)

Employer: GardaWorld
Location: Iraq Basra
Req Id 25341
Start Date 01st Dec 2014 TBC
GardaWorld seeks applications from Russian speaking PSD candidates for role in Basra Iraq. All Candidates will be required to possess medical credentials, for further information please find summary below:

Daily Rate : GW offers a competitive daily rate to all personnel. ( (Contractor will be paid whilst On-Duty only).
Rotation : 8 weeks on 4 weeks off , subject to operational requirements
Duration of Task : Three Years, with probable extension

Travel Pay
Travel pay is one half of the On-Duty rate for day(s) spent travelling from the contractor’s country of residence to the place of work (max of 2 days) and on return to the country of residence (max of 2 days). There is no £75 travel allowance applicable on this contract.

GardaWorld will provide the Independent Contractor with appropriate accommodation, insurance, and life support.

Flight Package
The Hub Airport designated by the Company for the Consultant will be located in the United Kingdom and will be the most cost effective option available to the Company at the time of booking a flight.

Operational effectiveness will also be considered when booking the flight. Such Hub Airport may not be the one geographically closest to Consultant’s residence and, as such, may require Consultant paying for the cost to and from such airport or making up the difference if Consultant resides outside the United Kingdom.

For example: If the cost to deploy GW Contractor from his local airport hub to Iraq is more than GBP1000.00 then any additional costs will be borne by the contractor

Hiring Criteria
Must be a Russian speaking Expat with excellent English (written and Spoken)
Must have FPOS-I MIRA
Not less than 5 years previous Military experience (or Law Enforcement)
Must have Formal CP training from an accredited organize i.e. Security Industry Authority (SIA CP Licence)
Previous 2ic PSD experience.
Previous HE experience

Desireable Criteria:
Certified Paramedic
MER (Medical Emergency Responder) Tier 2 Level Medic
Basic Life Support (BLS) certification or equivalent
Advanced Life/Cardiac Support (ALS or ACLS) certification or equivalent
Gas & Oil experience

Job Duties:
Conduct duties as Deputy Team Leader, Operator (Vehicle commander) of Mobile Security Team. Protect clients, company employees and assets within leaving and working premises also during mobile security missions outside of secured areas.
Assist the Team Leader to maintain operational oversight and control and delivery of monthly training to the team.
Assist the Team Leader to maintain control over company assets including vehicles, weapons and other sensitive equipment.
Produce security briefings to team members and clients
Comply with company and clients policies and regulations.
Produce clear written and verbal reports
Remain patient and flexible at all times to the client’s needs without compromising safety.

For further information about GardaWorld please follow link:

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by GardaWorld to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.
Any deployment to the Middle East carries a degree of risk, for more information please go to where you can obtain the latest analysis, information and threat assessment

Presentation of falsified credentials or false statements can lead to termination of any engagement (or future engagement) with the company.

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