Country Security Manager

Employer: Olive Global
Location: Worldwide

Job Code HC/JC/638/2015

Vestas is committed to developing business in Turkey. The security environment in Turkey is complex and challenging. Whilst the country in general is regarded as Medium threat, there are areas of High threat, particularly in the East and the border areas with Syria. A comprehensive and threat led approach to security risk management will therefore be required. The position of the Country Security Manager Turkey is key to establishing such an approach. The position will oversee all aspects of security for Vestas throughout Turkey supporting Sales, Construction and Service. The role will be based in Istanbul and will be line managed by Vestas Turkey and functionally managed by the Vestas Regional Security Manager EMENA.

The post will be a 6 month position with option to extend.

Key Tasks:
To design and embed security policy and procedures within 6 months.
To conduct and maintain accurate threat assessments of the project and service areas ensuring that business leaders are current with the threats posed against Vestas.
Design and implement appropriate mitigation to reduce exposure to identified threats to as low as reasonably practicable.
Develop and maintain an understanding of both existing and aspirational business opportunities for Vestas in Turkey.
Oversee the delivery of security support products to the Vestas footprint throughout the country, including, threat assessments, site security plans, staff training and security contracts, in compliance with the Vestas Corporate Security ‘Support to Sales Guideline’.
Design and deliver appropriate ‘security awareness’ training sessions for all staff
Monitor all business travel into and throughout Turkey.
Maintain an active security network with other multi-national companies, private security companies (PSC’s), police and relevant government authorities
Oversee the establishment and management of all contractual agreements with private security companies.
Complete quality assurance and quality control measures for all contracts with private security companies.
Support crisis response management as appropriate.
Identify the need for, recruit and then support additional security capacity as required by threat and materiality.
Monitor any deployment of live armed personnel in support of Vestas operations and ensure that such personnel are employed within the parameters of the Vestas Use of Force Guideline document.

Managerial Scope:
This post has no direct reports however the role will work alongside business partners in advising, developing, implementing and monitoring security throughout Turkey.

Key Challenges:
Gain and maintain an accurate understanding of the threat picture in Turkey and how such threats could impact Vestas.
Ensure that the overall security approach adopted within the various Vestas projects is appropriate to reduce exposure to security threats to as low as reasonably practicable
Establish and maintain positive relations, at a senior level, within Vestas and with our project partners.
Identify the need for and assist in the recruitment of additional security capacity.

The role will be required to travel to remote areas of Turkey for project assessments and site visits.

The post will be line managed by Vestas Turkey and functionally managed by Vestas Corporate Security.

Competence and experience required:A detailed and current understanding of the Turkish security environment.
Minimum of 5 years’ experience operating in a security management role within Turkey.
Project management experience.

Key Skills:
Faultless integrity.
A self-starter.
Intelligent and quick thinking, capable of quickly understanding the business intent and process and the security role within it.
Appropriately confident and able to win the trust and respect of senior management
Skilled and experienced team member, capable of working in a rapidly developing and changing corporate organisation.
Experienced and skilled communicator, capable of communicating concisely and logically on all security-related issues, both in writing and verbally
Fluent in Turkish (reading and writing) and English (reading and writing).

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