CounterIntelligence Analyst

Employer: New Century US
Location: United Kingdom


New Century US is actively recruiting for an opportunity for qualified Senior level Counterintelligence Analyst. Position is located in United Kingdom.

New Century US is a leading global provider of police and military intelligence capacity building services. We work for the U.S. government to train and mentor foreign security forces that are supporting U.S. military and foreign policy objectives. These services include development of doctrine, skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), institutional capacity-building, and other tailored security solutions. New Century US focuses on building capacity
on the local national level. New Century US corporately is composed of a New Century Consulting, Ltd, the UK parent company based in London, and New Century US (NCC, Inc.), based in Washington DC.

Position Description:

New Century US is actively seeking a Senior Counterintelligence (CI) analyst to provide CI analysis and analytic support for theater peacetime and contingency operations. CI Analyst will provide analysis of the FISS Threat throughout the USEUCOM AOR and AOI in support of force protection intelligence requirements. CI Analyst is responsible for producing threat assessments for theater operations and CI products for theater CI agencies to assist them in conducting CI operations and investigations.

Analyst duties include but are not limited to the following tasks:
◾Provide functional support and analysis in the form of production, collection and liaison capabilities.
◾Research, assess, and summarize evaluated and unevaluated information to discern useful information.
◾Provide analytical skills to synthesize traditional and non-traditional feeds to product rapid responses to current analysis production requirements.
◾Focus all source analysis employing CI, law enforcement, and force protection data sources to identify, neutralize, and defeat threats to forces and facilities.
◾Maintain FISS database utilizing CT-AVRS database system.
◾Respond to RFIs for CI Issues.
◾Produce scheduled and ad hoc CI products, studies, and assessments.
◾Prepare and maintain targeting packages, folders and assessments

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

Candidates must possess the following knowledge, skills, and experience:
◾Ability to communicate Factual information clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, often under pressure and tight deadlines.
◾Experience utilizing and maintaining CT-AVRS Database systems
◾Experience analyzing CI information to produce assessments, reports, and studies.
◾Professional knowledge of a wide-range of intelligence principles, concepts, and techniques to accomplish difficult and complex work assignments.
◾Experience interacting customers, senior managers, and functional peer group managers.
◾Experience developing new or modified work methods, innovative approaches, and alternative uses of new or available resources.
◾Innovation and creativity, plus a “self-starter” attitude, are important.
◾Experience in leveraging solid written and verbal communications skills to prepare and confidently deliver briefings and papers for senior officials.

Required Qualifications:
◾Senior-level All Source Analyst ◦Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 8+ years of CI analysis experience, or, specialized training & 10+ years CI analysis experience, or, equivalent intelligence/academic experience.
◦Credentialed subject matter expert or recognized specialist.
◦Candidate must hold a current/active Top Secret/SCI Clearance, and be eligible for a CI-Poly