Security Supervisor

Employer: Battersea
Location: London, United Kingdom

Job Purpose:

Provide and support a full Security Operation over a 24/7 period of operation – supervising, utilising and operating all the security related systems required on the estate, conducting supporting patrols and ensuring that all the estates security needs and responsibilities are met, responding to requests for assistance and supporting all services on the estate, responding to the client’s needs and maintaining a very high standard of security on the estate, supporting the security teams and assisting in the individual and teams development.

Essential Criteria:
The person should have experience in a supervisory capacity on a large, manned guarding contract that encompasses a multi- use environment (commercial, residential, retail, public space)
The post holder must be in possession of a valid SIA Public Space Surveillance license and have a thorough knowledge of the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation.

Take personal responsibility in your actions in relation to the clients and the companies good reputation.
To be fully conversant with the layout of the Estate and fully aware of the current threats and challenges faced by the client, train and update the security officers.
To respond to all aspects of the estates emergency responses i.e. Fire and emergency alarm system and where necessary act as the command and control for the incident.
Be fully conversant with the Estates Assignment Instructions, it’s emergency, evacuation and major incident response procedures and ensure that the security individuals and teams are kept updated.
Patrol and support the security team using your own initiative and in response to the day to day running of the estate.
Use correct radio procedure and support other users on the estates radio networks communicating with Security, Estates, Clients and Residences.
To maintain all written records and reporting in a correct and timely fashion
To maintain records of all visitors and contractors where needed
To maintain training and individual records of all security officers you are responsible for
Monitor the Fire Alarm systems and pass on via radio or telephone any information necessary for the safety and security of the Estate.
Report as necessary any incidents to the emergency services and follow the correct escalation process.
Report as necessary any Health & Safety issues or other incidents that are deemed necessary following the correct escalation process.
Undertake any other duties that are reasonable and necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Estate.
Report any failures or issues to the Security Manager or in his absence the client.
The post holder must be in possession of a valid SIA license and have a thorough knowledge of the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation.
The supervisor must have and continue to demonstrate the ability to organise, prioritise and produce results under pressure and be able to work within the One team ethos.
To be fully conversant with of the categorisation of incidents and to respond, escalate and report in accordance with the requirements
To maintain complete, concise, and accurate written accounts of all incidents occurring within the duty shift and undertake any necessary follow up action as required.
To fully implement any client threat escalation procedures on becoming aware of any matter that may threaten the security and or safety of the estate, assets and people with legitimate business on the site.
Abide by the rules concerning confidentiality at all times, reporting any suspected breaches
Taking the appropriate action to alarm activations, liaising with clients, police and contractors as necessary.
Self-learn and maintain knowledge of current threat levels and new legislation in relation to the role.
To have the “one team” attitude.